Protected: I’m done

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I should update this blog more often. I feel like I have no time these days. I’m at school for the majority of my day, and in the evenings, I just rest with Charlie, usually watching mindless cable TV. Then the day is over, and the cycle repeats itself. Today I’m doing homework on a […]

Writer’s Block

As you can tell, I have not been blogging as frequently as before. WordPress has changed, so it took me awhile to even figure out how to write a new entry. I think I’ve been a lot more secretive these days. I tend to share a lot of things on my blog, but this was […]

First Bar Experience

Oh goodness. I don’t know if I should have gone to Flip Night. I wanted to socialize with my cognitive psychology friends and celebrate the ending of our ridiculous class (although we are still not completely done yet). I didn’t think this through about rumors and backlash. No one would have known that we, or […]

We Need a Revival

I needed a revival, so I’m glad I heard Pastor Matt’s sermon today. And I’m happy I got to talk with him a bit, even though there really wasn’t much depth to our conversation. I always get excited when I meet a fellow Chicago-an. I sneaked into the end of K-night. It was aiite, not […]


I like to read other people’s blogs and even people I don’t know, but who I feel I can relate to. This one girl is a senior in college and graduating soon, but is already engaged and plans to get married within a year. She and her fiance have a wedding date, venue, and photographer […]


Today I saw a lesbian couple showing public display of affection by sharing a “firecracker kiss.” What is that? I don’t even know. I just made it up. They were having multiple smooches in a row, at a really fast pace. If you can imagine that… It was right after an annoying class, and BAM […]


I’m so useless, and I waste time so well. What am I doing with my life? I should be studying…. Instead, I’ve been on tumblr and practicing my singing for the past few hours. This is a secret, but I love to practice singing. It’s been one of my secret hobbies. I never sing in […]