Yet again, another imitation photo. This time of 쌈디. I wrote about him before in my blog stating that he has the sexiest voice ever. So low and deep. I wish I can rap like him. I like how over time, his name changed to 쌈디 (SsamDi). It was originally Simon Dominique, but that’s way […]

I Refuse

I’m back with another imitation picture! Mmm GiKwang On another note. I REFUSE to watch Secret Garden and Athena and all the other dramas I missed out on in 2010 and 10 days into 2011. I will not fall into those teenybopper trends PSH. I don’t like to watch a particular drama just because it’s […]


WordPress won’t allow me upload any mp3 files, so this youtube video will have to do. I’m so excited. I finally found this song. I’ve seriously been looking for years. This is probably my favorite song because this song helped me to accept Christ as my Lord back at a JGen retreat when I was […]

Bubble Gum

Aren’t I so funny? NOT I have this new fondness of imitating people. Possibly more imitation pictures to come in the future. I have a secret behind this picture though. I actually took my picture first, then stumbled upon Taeyang’s picture later. I kinda like that picture of Taeyang because he looks like Wooyoung there. […]