I should update this blog more often. I feel like I have no time these days. I’m at school for the majority of my day, and in the evenings, I just rest with Charlie, usually watching mindless cable TV. Then the day is over, and the cycle repeats itself. Today I’m doing homework on a […]

Uncertainty: Part I

It’s 7:30AM. I have been up all night and I’m not sleepy. I can’t seem to fall asleep, so I stayed up all night doing absolutely nothing. I wanted to study for my upcoming exam, but I couldn’t since I don’t have the textbook. I have to go to the library to read the textbook, […]

울고싶단 말야

I can’t have a meltdown right now. I just can’t…… 공부나 하자 T_T — 나 지금 울고싶단 말야 너땜에 울고싶단 말야 힘들어 울고싶단 말야 예전처럼 웃고싶단 말야   또다시 울고있단 말야 나 울고있단 말야 babe 내 지친 사랑이 네 거친 바람이 난 두려워 난 두려워 너 없는 시간이 내 모든 것을 줬어 날 울리는 너 […]


I really really really hate you right now. UGH. I can’t ever do anything because I can never let go. UGH. This is going to go on for a long time… GRRR. James 1:19-20 19My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, […]