Don’t Be Alone

When you have a boyfriend, things can get dramatic. For the past months we have been together, I feel like I’m living in a Korean drama (Boys over Flowers). Yesterday I was sitting alone at Thornden Park around 11:00am. Don’t ask why I was there alone. I knew the park was dangerous at night, but […]

Bloods and Crips

Urban dictionary defines them as: People who lack the mental power to read. Having this mental disability causes them to lash out at other people with the same disability. They have to wear colors to recognize who is on their side because they cannot tell friends from enemies. They pretend to be tough but are […]

Fate Love Story Part 2

Part 2 of 인연: My first love story began in kindergarten. I didn’t know at that time, but years and years later, when I reflected, I am pretty sure this guy had a crush on me. I was deathly shy when I was a kid. I NEVER talked. I only started talking when I got […]

Fate Love Story Part 1

Sorry I haven’t been writing. I update significantly less when I am at home on break. I got lazier on tumblr as well. I’m never really in the mood to be connected with the world when I’m on break from school and I don’t keep in touch with friends either. What the heck do I […]

First Bar Experience

Oh goodness. I don’t know if I should have gone to Flip Night. I wanted to socialize with my cognitive psychology friends and celebrate the ending of our ridiculous class (although we are still not completely done yet). I didn’t think this through about rumors and backlash. No one would have known that we, or […]


I actually enjoyed the cantata at the Easter service. hahaha. It’s my third year, but this is the first year I actually paid attention. I don’t remember the previous years at all. Maybe I was sleeping? Everyone dreads the cantata. Yes, it’s super long and it’s in Korean. But I found it so interesting. It […]