I should update this blog more often. I feel like I have no time these days. I’m at school for the majority of my day, and in the evenings, I just rest with Charlie, usually watching mindless cable TV. Then the day is over, and the cycle repeats itself. Today I’m doing homework on a […]


I actually enjoyed the cantata at the Easter service. hahaha. It’s my third year, but this is the first year I actually paid attention. I don’t remember the previous years at all. Maybe I was sleeping? Everyone dreads the cantata. Yes, it’s super long and it’s in Korean. But I found it so interesting. It […]

We Need a Revival

I needed a revival, so I’m glad I heard Pastor Matt’s sermon today. And I’m happy I got to talk with him a bit, even though there really wasn’t much depth to our conversation. I always get excited when I meet a fellow Chicago-an. I sneaked into the end of K-night. It was aiite, not […]

Thank you, Jesus

Thank you Jesus for being so good to me. Help me to finish strong. Help me to persevere until the end. I don’t deserve any of this, but you are just too good. Help me not to be disappointed if the last results aren’t pleasant. I think I’ll be able to study in peace now. […]

I Need Coffee

I just downloaded the Glee Christmas Album, even though I don’t watch Glee. I now have a lot of Christmas/winter songs :D But these Christmas songs are not keeping me awake… It’s only 11:31PM and I’m so dead tired. I need to finish studying for my psych research methodologies exam, write my 6 page personality […]


WordPress won’t allow me upload any mp3 files, so this youtube video will have to do. I’m so excited. I finally found this song. I’ve seriously been looking for years. This is probably my favorite song because this song helped me to accept Christ as my Lord back at a JGen retreat when I was […]

You Never Change

I’ve been extremely stressed lately. It wasn’t so much because of academics (like usual) but other things. People say I look so much happier and stress-free now that I changed my major. To a certain extent, it’s true. I mean I went from organic chemistry classes to psychology classes. That’s a huge difference. The work […]