Hello New Year

2014 is the year I want to finish reading the bible from cover to end, well chronologically. I’ve failed multiple times, but I’m trying again. The real reason I’m updating this dead blog is because I want to remember this quote from someone in my dream… Remembering a dream is a souvenir from this world. […]


I should update this blog more often. I feel like I have no time these days. I’m at school for the majority of my day, and in the evenings, I just rest with Charlie, usually watching mindless cable TV. Then the day is over, and the cycle repeats itself. Today I’m doing homework on a […]

Don’t Be Alone

When you have a boyfriend, things can get dramatic. For the past months we have been together, I feel like I’m living in a Korean drama (Boys over Flowers). Yesterday I was sitting alone at Thornden Park around 11:00am. Don’t ask why I was there alone. I knew the park was dangerous at night, but […]

Bloods and Crips

Urban dictionary defines them as: People who lack the mental power to read. Having this mental disability causes them to lash out at other people with the same disability. They have to wear colors to recognize who is on their side because they cannot tell friends from enemies. They pretend to be tough but are […]

Writer’s Block

As you can tell, I have not been blogging as frequently as before. WordPress has changed, so it took me awhile to even figure out how to write a new entry. I think I’ve been a lot more secretive these days. I tend to share a lot of things on my blog, but this was […]