Oh, Hi. If I still have any readers out there. I’m back for this one post.

I finished this drama a couple of weeks ago and I would have to say it brought back so much happy, carefree memories of the past.


Yes, the setting of this drama is in 1997 and I was only seven years old, but it still hits me in different ways because it’s relatable to my life when I was 14.

The whole cute first-love in high school story: I can’t relate to that.

But being a fan girl: Oh yes.

I used to the biggest fan girl even up until last year at age 21… but that all stopped when my boyfriend started to get really jealous of my love for different boys… I secretly still love all of them in my heart. Just don’t tell the boyfriend.

I was a little too young for HOT, but I do remember when I used to like Moon Hee Jun when I was 7. My first Kpop love was Yoo Seung Jun and he will still always be my “영원한 오빠” regardless of being kicked out of Korea and wherever he is now. I would have to say I was the biggest fan girl for Shinhwa and Dong Bang Shin Ki. Those two groups… I went well out of my way to be a very dedicated fan. It’s funny because when the drama goes into 2005, this one character is part of the fanclub: Cassiopeia–the one I’ve always wanted to join, but couldn’t because I’m not a Korean citizen. Some people may know, I used to be part of DBSK’s international fan club and I wrote them fan letters, sent money, and downloaded every single performance and show they were in. I can relate to the main girl’s parents because they said the same exact words to me: 미친년. Before DBSK, there was Shinhwa. I was also part of their international fan club and was very active in the forums…

I thought I would never grow out of this phase because I always move on to like new boys. However, one day you become an “adult” and move on with life. I am not ashamed of once being an excessive fangirl. Never will be.

Oh how I love all of those beepers and cellphones in the drama. My dad used to have a beeper and cellphone business in Chicago long long time ago. My dad had countless beepers and my mom would make me, a little kid, page him almost every day. My dad also had the ginormous cell phone in 1997. My dad used to be hip with the new technology back in the 90s, but now he’s just confused with the rapid change and innovation in technology.

Let’s reminisce about Tomagachi’s. I had a couple Tomagachi’s and the American version–Nano. I used to drive my mom crazy because I wouldn’t sleep at night; I had to feed my pets and baby. I really want to buy one again after the drama.

Overall I loved this drama. I’ll probably go watch it again. I loved all the characters and trying to figure out who is the ultimate couple, who is the daddy, etc. Some scenes were sad, sentimental, and funny. The whole pornography in the 90s is hilarious. I remember when my family had one line for the internet and phone, so I would get disconnected from the internet all the time when the phone goes off. It’s hilarious that it took people so long for one pornographic image to load onto their computer screens. This drama depicted that all boys/men are very into pornography. Never knew…

So now go watch this drama. Ah I love this couple:



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