Don’t Be Alone

When you have a boyfriend, things can get dramatic. For the past months we have been together, I feel like I’m living in a Korean drama (Boys over Flowers).

Yesterday I was sitting alone at Thornden Park around 11:00am. Don’t ask why I was there alone. I knew the park was dangerous at night, but I’ve been there during the day numerous times, so I didn’t think much of it. I have been walking alone at odd hours of the night 2, 3, 4am by myself for the past years, and I’ve never been scared. Nothing bad can happen to me, I thought.

As I was sitting there yesterday, a creepy old white man in a broken-down brown car drove by me. He put his whole head and arm out of the car window to holler and smile at me. I was so creeped-out and scared that I got teary. He parked his car right after. I almost got raped yesterday.

Fortunately, my boyfriend comes to the rescue at the appropriate moment.

My life has so many similarities to a drama. Now I just refer my boyfriend as Goo Jun Pyo.

Bottom line of this post: Girls please be careful. Don’t ever walk or sit alone, especially in a dangerous park. Maybe I’m just the idiot.



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