Fate Love Story Part 1

Sorry I haven’t been writing. I update significantly less when I am at home on break. I got lazier on tumblr as well. I’m never really in the mood to be connected with the world when I’m on break from school and I don’t keep in touch with friends either. What the heck do I do with my time then? I have no clue. Time seems to fly by even though I literally don’t do anything. I blog a lot more when I’m busy or stressed.

I had a few entries in mind so I will divide them into different parts.

Korean dramas, or Koreans in general, are so obsessed with the idea of fate. Specifically fate of the relationship between two people. They call it 인연. I’ll share 3 stories of who I could have had this “인연” with.

Part 1:

My aunt from Korea recently visited Chicago because her daughter (my cousin) gave birth. We had a family gathering and she brought up the topic of this boy in Korea.

I followed this aunt to Korea when I was 13. It was my first time ever going to Korea and I was going alone, without knowing anyone. My uncle is a doctor, so his family is rich. My aunt took me to her friend’s plastic surgery clinic. She forced me to get my beauty marks (점) removed at the plastic surgery place without even telling me beforehand. I still remember the smell of the surgery room and the lights and lying on the bed. It was so painful, so I was crying. My aunt and her friend were talking while I was still sniffling and crying from the pain after the procedure. My aunt and her friend wanted to set me up with her friend’s son who was 16 or so at that time. They really wanted us to get married. They pressured me to meet this 오빠, but I said I didn’t want to meet him because I was 13 and had no intention of getting a boyfriend, let alone meet my future spouse. Plus I would be in Korea for less than a month. My aunt’s friend kept on saying I was pretty and wanted me as her daughter-in-law. Awkward.

At the family gathering, my aunt brought up this guy again. It’s been 8 years. I think she still wants us to get married. My mom cut her off saying that she shouldn’t talk nonsense because I would not meet a boy in Korea since I am planning to live in the U.S. forever. I thought it was weird how she brought him up. I don’t know anything about this guy besides the fact that he’s older than me. Now that I’m 21, I’m slightly worried about my nonexistent love life. Maybe I should meet this guy, but I doubt I ever will. I’m hoping to go to Korea in the future. I wonder if my aunt will bring him up again if I go to Korea. We’ll see.

[Exodus 25]

I stopped doing my QTs for awhile, but now I’m back on track. I have a long way to go.


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