First Bar Experience

Oh goodness. I don’t know if I should have gone to Flip Night. I wanted to socialize with my cognitive psychology friends and celebrate the ending of our ridiculous class (although we are still not completely done yet). I didn’t think this through about rumors and backlash.

No one would have known that we, or more like ME, were drinking if not for this picture:

I feel like I have hindered people, although they say that I’m cute since it was my first time drinking and that I was simply being influenced. It was a mistake to go to the library tipsy. I swear I was NOT DRUNK. I didn’t realize how red I could get though. And, I also did not know that we were reeking with the smell of alcohol. This was my first time actually drinking. I’ve had sips here and there and drank fruity beverages on my birthday. I had about 3 cans of beer–they were in cups, so it was harder to calculate. And peer pressure sucks. My parents have high tolerance, so I thought I would too. I guess tolerance level is purely acquired. I have much paler skin than my parents too–should have thought that out.

I’m so embarrassed. I wasn’t drunk, but I hate that I could have hindered someone. I’m known to be quiet, church girl Jane. There is such a fine line of how much alcohol is allowed and actively serving in church. The standards differ for everyone.Β  To others, my coolness level may have gone up too.

I was definitely feeling more tipsy as the hours passed. Once I got dropped off at home, I threw up. Never did I imagine that I would throw up from alcohol. I thought this scenario would never happen to me. And it confuses me because I wasn’t drunk. I slept for about 2 hours, but now I’m up because I can’t seem to sleep. It’s been almost 8 hours since I had my sip of alcohol and I still don’t feel very sober. I’m still very dizzy and sick to my stomach.

Drinking on a Wednesday night during finals week. I guess it’s a once in a lifetime experience (unless if this happens again next year -_-).

I guess I can’t really regret it since it already happened. I’m kinda scared to run into more people today. I hope Rebekah doesn’t upload the other picture because I look super drunk there. It was a really bad candid shot. What I realized today: I get the Asian glow, I’m too scared to test my tolerance, and I don’t know if I ever want to drink again.

Please don’t judge me :(

[Exodus 8] I have been slacking :(


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