We Need a Revival

I needed a revival, so I’m glad I heard Pastor Matt’s sermon today. And I’m happy I got to talk with him a bit, even though there really wasn’t much depth to our conversation. I always get excited when I meet a fellow Chicago-an. I sneaked into the end of K-night. It was aiite, not the best. I’m glad I committed to One Voice instead of K-night. I just wished more of the EM showed up, so that they could have gotten a revival in their hearts as well. The one problem with our church is that we’re just so immature in faith. I always think how different I would have been if I decided to go to University of Illinois instead and attended CFC instead. But, God has called me here for a reason, and I have changed a lot while attending and serving at the Grove. The Grove will always have a special place in my heart. awww lol.

The one thing I’ve been pondering upon lately is this: My strongest strength and my weakest flaw is that I am too nice.

This one professor that I wanted to do research with told me I’m too nice and polite, and that won’t get me anywhere in this scary world. He said I needed to be more assertive. People’s words really strike me and play with my emotions, so I got slightly depressed after hearing that. My former advisor, who I miss dearly, always said my strength is that I am nice and compassionate. With such a genuine heart, I will be able to make it in this world. So who do I believe?

When you think of Jane, you think of the nice, quiet girl. I always thought being nice was good, but I guess not. No one wants to be labeled as being nice. That’s why no one wants to be “the nice guy.” But hey, I love nice guys. I definitely would choose a nice guy over a badass guy. BAMFs are just temporarily more attractive and 멋있어, but nice guys are the way to go.

Nice. There’s just so many different connotations to it. Which one am I? Sigh.


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