I like to read other people’s blogs and even people I don’t know, but who I feel I can relate to. This one girl is a senior in college and graduating soon, but is already engaged and plans to get married within a year. She and her fiance have a wedding date, venue, and photographer already set. I’m so jealous LOL. I was really shocked because she’s so young, but then I realized my friend is already married and has a baby now at 23.

All my life I wanted to be a career woman because my parents heavily pushed that idea since I was very young. I didn’t want to get married until 30 and have a stable career before marriage. I had these views up until sophomore year in college. Now, every year, I want to get married earlier and earlier. I would get married tomorrow if someone I really liked proposed. HAHA. I’m 21 already and never had a boyfriend. When the heck will I get married then?!

This is why I should stop reading wedding blogs, watching wedding videos, etc. I get hindered and want to get married immediately and pity myself that I don’t have a boyfriend and that no one likes me. SIGH. LOL.

My parents think I’ll be a good catch. LOL. They only think that because I’m their daughter. Whose parents don’t think their kids are? When I was in high school, they said boys would line up to be my boyfriend once I get to college. Umm that is definitely not true. Maybe that will happen when/if I become a doctor because they will be after my money. I think I’ll be a good wife and mom though. I don’t want a grand wedding. I don’t even need an extravagent ring. I’m very simple and traditional. LOL.

To my perfect boyfriend/husband,

I hope you come soon.

Love, Jane

I’m going to start a project soon on tumblr after Easter. It’s going to be a chain of letters to my future husband. I saw someone do this, and I thought it was super cute, so I will start one too.


2 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. LOL i know what u mean girl…hahaha hmmmm relationships isn’t always the best though…i really understand when people say wait for the one to date…because it really does save u a lot of heartache…but i know what u mean…i want to get married tomorrow too sometimes LOL :)

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