Spring Break 2011

Freshman year, I practically spent a week in downtown Chicago. I visited my friends at their dorms and celebrated Esther’s birthday at this famous pizza place in Chicago. I almost got lost while riding the subway/train. I clearly remember spring break freshman year.

Sophomore year, I stayed in Syracuse, but I don’t really remember what I did. I kinda remember playing Nertz at Jojo’s and eating at Schine with Sophia. That’s pretty much all I remember, but I do remember having an overall good spring break. I remember the bad times more than the good though–such as hearing my neighbor and RA having sex. OH GOD. And it was everyday too. I freaked out each time. I remember watching the drama 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) and screaming at this unexpected scene, and they pounded on the wall while having sex to tell me that I’m too loud. I was like, “Oh no you didn’t…” and got pissed and kicked the wall back. I remember being scared by this Indian grad student stalking me. I really wished I had a boyfriend–or a fake one at least–to have him back off. I was OBSESSED with 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) at that time, so I was even planning to show the grad student a picture of him and tell him he is my boyfriend in Korea, but I’m really bad at lying, so I didn’t.

Since I don’t really remember spring break last year, I thought it would be a good idea to write down what I did this spring break because I’m bound to forget about it.

Thursday, March 10: Spring break “officially” started because I decided to skip my midterm the following day. I better drop that class soon, because I’m literally failing since I skipped the midterm which is 40% of my grade. I went to one class and the other got cancelled as I was walking to class fashionably late because I decided to chat with JennyA and Bekah for awhile. I had lunch with JennyC. Then I went over to Sarah’s. Then I met up with Priscilla. Then I went back to Sarah’s. I ended up pulling a 4th all-nighter in a row just for girl talk. What I have realized this spring break: I really enjoy girl talk that last hours and hours. I felt so popular that day because I met up with different people and talked about different stuff with each. I was relaxed and felt so 한가해 because usually I can’t meet up to socialize with people since I’m always studying at the library.

Friday, March 11: I decided to skip volunteering… Went to Olive Garden and bubble tea with Dchoi, Dan, Sabrina, Felix, and Mike. This day I realized: Dchoi loves girl talk and gossip.

Saturday, March 12: I don’t remember what I did. Probably slept until late. Seeing empty Syracuse and seeing how so many people were going to Chicago, I wanted to go back home too even though I rarely get homesick.

Sunday, March 13: Went to church with like 10 people in total. Went to Biscotti’s afterward and met Christine, the pharmacist. She was really nice. This day, JennyC established that if I get married with anyone from Syracuse I will get married at KCS with all the ridiculous scenarios. I agreed. I don’t think I’ll get married to anyone from Syracuse, so I agreed thinking this won’t happen, but I hope chance and probability doesn’t bite me later. But I think it’ll be pretty cute to get married at KCS. I would have that as my second wedding, and invite all of KCS and reminisce our times at The Grove.

Monday, March 14: I woke up at 4PM. My record… I did absolutely nothing except laundry and clean. I cleaned my nasty stove that hasn’t been cleaned in 2 years. I didn’t understand how disgusting human beings (my roommates) can be. I almost threw up twice trying to clean and disinfect the stove–that troublesome stove. I started 2 fires from that stove, and I swear it’s not me. The stove is messed up…

Tuesday, March 15: I went to my first day of “research.” I just call it research so people don’t ask what it really is. I’m a helper/observer for this social group for kids with Autism and whatnot. I didn’t know how professional I should look, so I went for the semi-professional look. Others would probably just say I was dressed fashionably. The place is so far though. It’s not that dangerous because I walk through the medical school campus, but still very very far. I stopped by JennyC’s room afterward and saw Jason and Eunice. Then, JennyC, Mike, and I went to the mall. I bought shorts, tanktop, and nailpolish. What a girl. Do I need them? No, but I always end up buying something when I go shopping. Then we went to Red Robins–one of my favorite places. I gained 3lbs that day though… What I realized: When the 3 of us are in a car together, we always talk about relationships HA.

Wednesday, March 16:

  • I woke earlier than usual–10AM hahaha because I had to clean the rest of the house for future tenants to see our house. I eventually gave up but made sure my room was the cleanest and prettiest. I always bash my roommates about how nasty they are, but I block them from my facebook posts and I doubt they even know I have a blog and I doubt they even know what a tumblr is since they’re fobs. I made a bad mistake and indirectly bashed them on facebook, but I forgot to block them. One of my roommates commented back and I freaked out. I couldn’t understand what the heck she was saying though. Fobs… smh. Lesson learned: Don’t talk crap about others because they’ll find out someday OR remember to block posts hahaha I’m so evil… But yeah I will definitely not bash my roommates as often because that day I realized I’m not being a good person. The nice, innocent Jane that I am..
  • I went to buy Hunter boots. I don’t know if it’s a good investment, but I needed new rain boots. Sperry has failed me twice and ripped on me. No wonder I’m broke. After swiping my card for food and clothes endlessly this break, I finally reached the negatives in my bank account…. I thought this would never happen to me. I’m one of the best people with money management and I’m really frugal. Oops…
  • Eunice bought me lunch at Schine and we attempted to get some work done at the library, but we both got so sleepy and decided to head home for a quick nap.
  • I took a 20 min nap before JennyC woke me up with her call and being indecisive if she should go to Turning Stone (casino) or not that night. I told her to just come with me. JennyC, Mike, Dan, Sabrina, Sunghwan, Jason, Tom, and I went to Turning stone. This was my first time going to a casino after Las Vegas when I was 13. Obviously, I kept on getting kicked out in the casinos at Las Vegas because I was underage. It was quite interesting. Definitely not my thing, but I did have fun with Sabrina on the slot machines. My winning record was $0.50 in Las Vegas, and now it’s $2.00 at Turning Stone LOL. In the end I always lose money. I feel really bad though because it wasn’t even my money that I lost; it was Tom’s. Now I feel indebted, and I hate that feeling.

Thursday, March 17: I went to the library to finish my FAFSA/CSS profile, and ran into a lot of people. Afterward, Esther, Lynn, JennyC, Lucia, Eunice, and I went to Panera to eat and Roji to drink tea. We then went to Esther’s place for really long girl talk. We spent more than 6 hours that day with girl talk. hahaha. And I got teased so much about Jon -__- Gosh rumors.

Friday, March 18: Skipped volunteering again… Went to the library because Esther told me to, but she didn’t even come until 2 hours later. Hung out with the whole freshmen pack at the library. Esther, Sunghwan, Dchoi, Dan, Sabrina, Rubin, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Stuffed my face once again. Came home early because I was tired. Finally watched 장근석 (Jang Geunsuk)’s movie 아기와 나 (Baby and Me). SOOOOO CUTE and emotional at times. Mason is soooo cute. Since I watched the movie right before sleeping, I dreamt about it, but I didn’t have a baby. I had a pet that I adored instead. Weird.

Saturday, March 19: Taught at SCA. Decided not to go to Philly :( SCA was pretty interesting today when Sabrina and I lead group games. Dchoi, Dan, Sabrina, and I went to Brooklyn’s Pickles for lunch. We stayed there for almost 4 hours talking. Once again… girl talk. I was so tired by the time I got home. I decided to watch a Korean show to stay awake. I didn’t want to nap because it will mess up my sleeping cycle once school starts. I ended up falling asleep. Now it’s 3:17AM and I’m wide awake. It’s like last Saturday/Sunday. I knocked out at 8PM and hoped to sleep until morning, but woke up at 12AM and stayed awake until church. My roommates were being loud and obnoxious outside my door, so I woke up at 12AM and now I can’t sleep. I don’t think I should pull another all-nighter though… but ahhh I don’t know.

I can’t believe spring break is already over. I was dreading staying in Syracuse for the long week, but it went by really fast and pretty memorable. SO MUCH GIRL TALK.

This is so long. It’s a freaking essay. Don’t read this nonsense. If you finished reading, propz to you.


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