When a Man Loves a Woman

It’s 4:00AM… It’s not that I have an exam. I’m still up attempting to finish my homework. Kill me.

Why have I not discovered these music video series until now?!?! I’m surprised I didn’t know about it even though this album is definitely one of my favorites: 이승기 [남자가 여자를 사랑할때 Remake Album]. And I thought I watched all of Lee Seung Ki’s MVs. Way back, when I was a youngin, I even used to translate his MVs, screen capture them, and try to get him known in the international Kpop world. I fail as a fan :(

UGH. I got so angry after watching this. so emotional. I hate the girl. Her new guy is such a bastard. Seungki is such an idiot. UGH. blinded by stupid love. Ok I just had to vent.

Actually… I remember watching this before, but it’s been 5 years, so it didn’t click until 30 minutes later. I also re-watched Kiss – 여자이니까 (Because I am a Girl) because I didn’t really remember the story. Now that was the original dramatic MV.

I love these dramatic music video series. It was huge “back in the day” if you consider 2006 back in the day. Where are all the ballad singers in the Kpop industry these day?

이승기 please make a comeback!! I would actually be more excited for his comeback than Big Bang’s, even though I’ve been waiting forever for them. 이승기, 이수영, SG Wannabe, Seeya, 초신성 had some epic music video series. Ballads need to make a comeback. Dramatic ballads are actually my favorite type of music. For now, I’m happy with IU’s new album [Real+]. It’s pretty dramatic–I want to go cry every time I listen to her new songs.

I like 아이돌 because they are so cute and all, but I need my dramatic ballads and heartbreaking music videos!!

I’m so emo. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with the idea of broken hearts…


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