Scary Encounter of the Day

Today I was volunteering and I went to discharge a patient–a mother and newborn child. I went into the room and the dad was stuffing a knife into the car seat (?) baby carrier (?) I don’t know the exact term for that item you put new born babies into. He was trying to fit this knife (it was bigger than a pocket knife) into one of the holes of the car seat thingy. It was a scary sight. He then put the baby into the car seat thingy. It looked like he was smuggling this knife out of the hospital. I didn’t say anything about it.

He then went downstairs to get the car, with a million bags the mom had accumulated during her stay in the hospital. He said he would come back up. I carried the remainder of the mom’s stuff and wheeled her to the elevator. The dad comes out shouting, “That motherf**ker, f**k motherf**ker!!!” He went on a long swearing rampage. I was scared.

Apparently the security guy was being racist. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, all I could do was just smile and try to be of some help…

awkward and scary.


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