Red Eyes

My eyes have been red since Sunday morning, and I didn’t know why. It hurt and everything was so blurry. It was still blood-shot red today, so I decided not to wear my contacts in fear that I might go blind. I thought I might have gotten pink eye, by reading through all the symptoms online. Apparently, I got red eyes from contact lens irritation, so I’m not allowed to wear contacts for a week, and I have to put in medicated eye drops four times a day for 5 days.

I have never in my life worn my glasses in public. In fact, not a lot of people even know that I wear glasses since I’m always wearing contacts. I went straight to wearing contacts and never had a period in my life when I wore glasses.

This is my punishment and warning that I should take good care of my eyes and contacts. HING.

You can’t see how red my eyes are because my webcam sucks. I look so nerdy and even more fobby with glasses. I feel so self-conscious. I also don’t like glasses because I feel like I have limited view of a square. I like to look around a lot, so it may seem like I’m rolling my eyes all the time, but I’m not. I just really like to look in every angle. This is why a lot of people judge me by saying that I’m stuck up and roll my eyes all the time, when in fact, I’m just looking around with shifty eyes. I tried really hard to fix that bad habit, so I hope I’m not rolling my eyes as much……..

I hope my eyes get better soon because I really don’t like wearing glasses and how I have to push it up every 2 minutes because it falls off my face. And, it really hurts and my eyes are not a pleasant sight right now. I look like I’m high…. :(


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