Boys, Dating, Relationships

I don’t think I have ever wrote about boys, dating, relationships on my blog. These are the juicy topics that everyone wants to read about. Right?

Well, I’m always in a relationship… with a Korean celebrity who doesn’t know I exist. HA.

I’m not really interested in boys, dating, relationships. Yet, at the same time, I have phases when I really want a boyfriend who can protect me and love me. I have phases when I want to get married quickly. I think all girls go through this phase.

I’m waiting around for my perfect husband, who loves God more than anything and has all my ideal characteristics:

  1. He should be Korean, doesn’t have to be, but should be able to speak Korean fluently in order to communicate with my parents.
  2. He has to be older and a leader, so he can be the leader of the household and lead me spiritually. I want an 오빠 who is somewhat 아빠같은 so he can literally teach me everything.
  3. Physically, he can’t be fat, but can’t be skinnier than me, and I have to see the whites of his eyes. People always think I’m weird when I say this, but I’ve always liked big eyes so… yeah.
  4. Smart. I like humble nerds, not snobby geniuses. I particularly like engineering guys just because my given-up dream was to be an engineer, but my husband doesn’t need to be an engineer. For some odd reason, though, I feel like I’ll marry a soldier/pastor, but my parents would go ballistic.
  5. Caring and loves children.

I think that’s it. People say I have high standards, but I don’t think so…? Maybe it’s because if someone were to have these qualities, it doesn’t mean that I will automatically like that person. On the other hand, if one were to have all of these qualities, dimples, and an eye smile (^^) then I probably will fall in love with him immediately… jk.

But will such a guy ever like me? I’m so shy. I’m such a shy, boring, nerdy, fangirl. If I were a guy I wouldn’t like myself either. But my girl friends tell me that I am so cute all the time. Then why don’t guys find me cute? Probably because I put up a huge wall around me from guys. Guys are scary…

If guys are scary, how will I ever meet my perfect husband? Will I ever meet him? T__T I’m 21 now and my mom told me that she is slightly worried for me. Well, thanks Mom… I’m worried for myself too, but I know to trust in God…

There is this one Indian graduate student who has been creepy from the start. I met him at this teaching program during the 2nd semester of my sophomore year. He does not fit my list of ideal characteristics, so I had no interest in him whatsoever. I was just being nice because I try to be nice to everyone. He asked for my number, and I am really bad at saying “no” and lying, so I had no choice, but to give it to him since we were teaching colleagues. He would call me and text me to meet him, but I never responded. I would see him around campus and I would run away. I didn’t see him at all last semester, so I thought I would never bump into him again. Then, I randomly saw him yesterday.

He asked me if my number was still the same. I changed it and was sure to not tell him. But I can’t lie, so I was like:

“Umm….. uhhh….. ummm….”

I tried acting dumb. Not knowing if I changed my number. Not knowing what a phone is..

He changed the topic quickly and wanted to start another conversation. I didn’t want to be super mean, so I talked for a bit. Tried acting nice. I hope he finally got the message that I think he’s creepy and he should leave me alone, but who knows.

I mean if a guy like Gi Kwang winked at me:

Inside I would be like this:

But on the outside I would be like:

“You’re a creep”

Eventually I’ll just think of him as a creep.

Maybe I just have guy issues?

But then again, I do fall for good-looking Korean guys pretty quickly, seeing that I like Korean celebs a lot…


*Can you tell that I’m loving these GIFs? I hope they make my entries a bit more entertaining.


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