Killing, Gunpoint, Ninja

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that this one guy had an addiction to killing people. He only killed young men though. Strong, healthy-looking young men. He was persuading and teaching others how to kill young men. Every time a person would get killed, he would make these weird grunts that are filled with pleasure. I can’t explain this sound in words, but it was the creepiest sound ever. If a person killed more than one person at the same time, then the intensity of this guy’s voice would increase. He was grunting, “YESSS” in a very scary, creepy way.

It freaked me out and I woke up like this:

I then took a shower that day and realized I got this weird scar on the side of my stomach. It almost looked like someone stabbed with me a knife. I don’t recall getting scraped and getting a scar before going to bed the night before. I linked that scar with my dream and got pretty freaked out.

I’m glad it’s gone now. It’s barely visible anymore.

During my nap yesterday, I had a dream where this person was out to kill me, but I was ordered to kill this person as well. We put each other at gunpoint.

Except, I didn’t know how to use my gun. I don’t even think it was loaded with a bullet in the first place. I was pretty much doomed.

In the next dream sequence, however, I ended up escaping and running for my life. I remember wearing black stockings and a black dress. Classy huh? AND I was a ninja. Every time I would jump, I would land so swiftly and gracefully. I was so ninja that you couldn’t hear me run and jump at all.

And then, I somehow ended up in the army… I was at the training base and I was hiding from the guy who was out to kill me. I tried blending in with the other soldiers and hiding behind big, muscular men. I pretended to be a soldier and did all the exercises. Eventually the person who was trying to kill me went away, thinking that I wasn’t there at the training base.

I don’t remember what happened afterward, but I sure have some strange dreams…


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