Love/Hate Relationship

I officially love tumblr because there are so many pretty things to look at and read. I also Kpop-ified it a lot. That’s the only thing I look forward to these days. Scrolling down endlessly on my dashboard.

Every time I get sleepy, I go on tumblr and then I become awake. Then, when I start trying to do work again, I get sleepy again. So I go on tumblr again. It’s an endless cycle, which is pretty much me being on tumblr all night long…

At this rate, I’m going to drop out of school and be forever alone…

I want to be famous. I think I miss my middle school/high school days when I had so many random internet friends and when my xanga was famous (not really to a big scale, but I got lots of eprops back then). I’m starting to get a little tumblr greedy and I want to be famous on tumblr like back during my xanga days…

I don’t want to be famous on this blog though, since this blog is more personal and it’s just me rambling about my life and my love for kcelebs. Nobody cares about what I write. But I love it when I get random readers who don’t even know me, whether on this blog or my tumblr blog. It makes me feel kinda famous like I want to be.

I’m becoming obsessed with these GIF files. They show another form of expression. When I can’t explain something in words, I simply use GIFs now. In my daily life, I express a lot of things through facial expressions and body/hand motions, rather than spoken or written words, so GIFs are perfect for me.

I guess the main purpose of this useless post was to state that I am going through this phase of wanting to become famous.

I’m sure it will die out soon.

I also wrote up a new post because I wanted to use GIFs because I recently fell in love with them again. I used to love GIFs and made my own during my xanga days. Too bad I don’t have the programs and the time anymore. *FYI, I did not create any of those I just posted.

On another note, today was the first day of classes (or technically yesterday since it’s 12:45AM now). I have only 3 more semesters left… Today I only had 2 classes, but I couldn’t get a seat for either of them. I ended up sitting on the floor for my cognitive psychology class, and I stood for an hour for my philosophy class. There’s a reason why there’s limited spots for a course, people. -_- I was slightly annoyed that so many random people showed up to class to be on the waitlist. Because of you guys, a lot of other people, who are actually enrolled in the course, just had a very uncomfortable first day of classes *cough*

End of my rambling. Bye.


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