Start of Adulthood

Today I got my new license. I finally have a horizontal license now, instead of a vertical one, which I had for 5 years. It was a bittersweet moment. This officially marks the start of adulthood since I am now 21.

I still can’t accept that I am 21 because I still feel young, I look young, I act young, and I still am treated young. I’m trying to wear more makeup to look older because I still get mistaken for a high school student and sometimes even a middle schooler. More than my face, I think it’s my clothing style. I like cute stuff and I wear cute stuff, which makes me look like a baby.

I wasn’t allowed to keep my vertical license, so I took a picture of it as memory. I was going to upload my license pictures, but I decided not to because my identity could be stolen. Never trust the internet these days. Anyways, I am not happy with my new license picture. I actually liked my picture in my older one because I look like a cute 16 year old, which I was LOL. But in my new one, I look like I weigh 300lbs. No joke. The guy didn’t even make a cue, “1 2 3 smile!” so I had no idea when he was going to take the picture, so I made the ugliest face. I’m kind of known to have really bad candid pictures because I make the stupidest facial expressions. Ironically I look better in candid pictures than posed ones/ones that I look straight at the camera because I just make the most awkward facial expressions. It’s better that I look away from the camera. In my new license picture, I’m making a weird expression where I’m raising one eyebrow and my head is kind of tilted back so my face looks HUGE. Plus I put my bangs up which makes my face look bigger. T___T I’m never showing anyone my license, so don’t bother even asking to see it. And, I spent $30.65 on getting my license renewed with a fugly picture. Man… I hate you Illinois.

I also got a haircut today prior to renewing my license. I only wanted to get a slight trim and cut my bangs because it was getting so long (as you can see in my previous post). I should know to never trust Korean stylists. This happens all the time. They cut so much hair off. They cut too much of my bangs. That’s why I ended up putting my bangs up for my license picture. Why is it that every time I come out of the hair salon, I always end up looking like a fob?

I wanted to grow out my hair long like IU. It’s going to take forever at this rate. I don’t think I’ve ever had really long hair because every time I go to the hair salon to trim it and clean it up a bit, they always end up chopping everything off.

I also really like her long wavy hair too. Unfortunately this style is not yet available in the U.S. Only Korea has wave perms (not to be confused with digital and setting perms).

Anyways, since getting my new license marks the start of my adulthood, I should start acting like one…?


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