I Refuse

I’m back with another imitation picture! Mmm GiKwang

On another note. I REFUSE to watch Secret Garden and Athena and all the other dramas I missed out on in 2010 and 10 days into 2011. I will not fall into those teenybopper trends PSH.

I don’t like to watch a particular drama just because it’s the latest trend and everyone else is watching it. I’m a rebel like that LOL jk.

I like to watch underrated dramas: those with good story lines, but don’t get enough love as it should get from viewers.

The most recent drama I watched that fall under that category is 성균관 스캔들 (SungKyunKwan Scandal). It may even be my 2nd all time favorite drama. And I didn’t like it just because Mickey Yoochun was in it. In fact, I wasn’t even planning to watch it because he was in it. Even though I am TVXQ- biased, since I was such a huge fan of them, I didn’t want to watch any of them act. I admit the drama does please girls more since there are more guy characters, but nonetheless I recommend this drama. (Possibly a whole drama review later to come–I was planning to write one up centuries ago, but we’ll see).

I have fallen into watching My Princess. Yes, I feel like I contradicted myself that I don’t fall into trends, but hey it’s ok if I’m the one who starts the trend LOL. *runs away from teenyboppers throwing rocks at me* 송승헌 (Song Seung Hun) is hot. 김태희 (Kim Tae Hee) is so pretty and funny. And come on, 이기광 (Lee GiKwang) is in it too. Now I have to watch it since I’m a BEAST fan and I imitated his picture.

I’m going to start watching Dream High soon, but I’m trying to push it back as long as possible. I know. I want to shoot myself too. But I’m IU‘s biggest fan…

I’ve been watching Giant on and off with my dad. This is a good drama for those who like political dramas like I do. I really like dramas that have politics and history as the main foundation of the story.


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