I haven’t written a dream log in a long time.

I was shopping for shoes with my mom. I finally found a pair of shoes that fit me! Too bad it was a dream. Suddenly someone decided to throw a mercury bomb (Do these even exist?) into the mall, the particular store I was at. We were getting poisoned and the store clerks were freaking out. I suddenly felt so weak and sleepy. I was falling into a deep sleep and decided that I was going to die in my sleep. My mom tried waking me up and told me that we had to escape and get out of the store immediately.

As I was trying to get out of the mall, there was a mother with 6 children. They were so helpless in the poisoned gas. I, being the superhero and the superstar in my dreams, managed to save all of the 6 children. I was holding the hands of 3 little boys with my right hand. And, I was holding the hands of 2 girls with my left hand. Another little boy was hanging onto my left side like a koala. We all managed to get out of the mall, and I even put all the children into their minivan and car seats. Their mom thanked me and drove away.

I save children in my spare time. No biggie. (HAHA)

I wish I was a superhero.


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