Christmas is Coming!

24 more days until Christmas. So the countdown begins :)

How do you like my new Christmas layout? I hate how wordpress won’t allow me to make my own original layouts unless I pay for the domain. This is the best I tried to make my blog Jane-ified with the limited access of wordpress layout making. Snow. Christmas. Looking at it makes me so happy.

Why am I so good at procrastinating? I realized today that procrastination is my only skill and talent. That’s a really sad thought. I try to open my books and get back in the study mode, but I’m so burnt out. I get sleepy and my body starts to ache. So then, I take a mini-break, which then turns into more than an hour break.

My fingers hurt as I type this. I’ve been teaching myself how to play the guitar. My tender fingers (haha) are starting to feel the pain of the steel strings. I’m spending hours watching tutorials on youtube. I don’t have time for this, but I think I’m starting to get obsessed with learning to play the guitar. I’m pretty bummed that I can’t take my guitar home during break because I don’t have a case for my guitar. I got my guitar for free, so nothing came along with it besides the guitar itself. Inhae says that I stole it from my living room. I didn’t steal it. The summer roommate just left it and said I can keep it. Well that saved me $100. Thank God.

Speaking of money, I spent so much money when I went shopping for Black Friday, or more like Black Saturday for me. I’m poor to begin with. Now I am broke. Hopefully I won’t go into debt. I still have so many things I want to buy…

I’ve been looking at heels on Cyber Monday. I have the smallest feet in the world. I can’t find shoes that fit me, especially heels. Apparently they sell petite shoes online, but they are all from the UK. International shipping doesn’t appeal to me. I’m so sad. I want a pair of black heels and nude heels for Christmas. I most likely won’t get them :(

I want so many things. I must resist thinking about them. I won’t even bother making a Christmas list because I never get anything that I write down on my Christmas list anyways. Well, freshman year Suge bought me the FT Island CD I’ve been dying to have. That’s the only thing I can remember that someone actually bought me something I wanted. But I like all gifts from people since I rarely get gifts.

The next 13 days are going to be hell:

-neuroscience quiz on Thursday
-communication sciences & disorders: language development exam, personality psych paper, and neuroscience clicker quiz next Tuesday
-research methodologies psych exam next Wednesday
-personality psych integrative paper, personality psych debate on case study, and neuroscience exam next Thursday
-two physics finals and research methodologies psych final on the 13th

I need to be really productive for the next 13 days. I can’t continue procrastinating, avoiding the library, tumblr-ing, blogging, practicing guitar, downloading music, etc.

Let’s just not sleep until I go to Chicago. Not that I can fall asleep well at night anyways. This is me:

Why is my physics homework so hard?! D: This is why I got distracted in the first place.


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