Thanksgiving 2010

I think it’s really corny when people go around and share what they are thankful for during Thanksgiving dinner. It’s corny, but it’s not a bad idea.

This is my third thanksgiving spent in Syracuse. I barely remember what happened freshman year. I think I hate instant rice and 김 in my dorm room. Sophomore year was a lot better. I think 8 of us gathered and prepared a nice meal. This year there were 10 of us. I liked this year because we had Korean meat. I love 고기.

Sophomore year I shared that I was thankful for life. I really am thankful that I am alive because God has a purpose for me. I take life for granted many times and even wished that I never existed. But, life is really precious and I get reminded of it often.

This year, I didn’t really think deeply about what I am thankful for. During our welcoming committee Thanksgiving dinner, I really didn’t know what to say and I didn’t want to say anything cliche, and they happened to be teasing me at that moment. So, I said I was thankful for everyone who teases me because that’s a sign that they like me. Right? haha. During our real Thanksgiving day dinner, I kept it simple and said I was thankful for the FOOD, everyone there, and life (once again).

Today, I went to volunteer since it’s a Friday. It was a really really really slow day. I fell asleep in my chair… As I walking home, I saw a homeless person. And, he made me think. I am grateful that I am not homeless: that I have a house to sleep in, I have food to eat no matter how much I starve myself, and that I have water and can shower whenever I want. I may not be rich, but I sure am blessed.

I’m thankful, but I’m so selfish.

I can’t imagine what next Thanksgiving will be like…


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