Failure Student

I’m such a failure. I skipped so many classes. I pay so much money to go to a private college, and I know that I should be studying and going to classes for my money’s worth, but I skip all my classes like other college students. Since Friday, I haven’t done anything. I’m so sick of school that I have been giving myself a “break.” I haven’t gone to the library in the longest time. SHOCKING.

On Friday after class, I went to volunteer. Then, I cleaned, did laundry, and cooked a very simple dinner for a friend before going to joint Friday worship on our campus. On Saturday, I woke up early for my last day at SCA. Then, I went on an outing with my family group and Jon’s. After a long day, I went grocery shopping for our welcoming committee’s Thanksgiving dinner. On Sunday, I went to church then bought my ticket to go back home for winter break for a good deal, which I’m really happy about. Then I went to Michelle’s to “cook.” I’m a terrible cook, so I mostly did dishes for our Thanksgiving dinner. Afterward, I bummed around until right now at this moment. I skipped all my classes on Monday. Sigh. I told myself I would go to all my Tuesday classes. Yet again, I slept in. I’m the worst student ever.

So… what the heck have I been doing besides rotting away at home? Well, I’ve been online 24/7. I’ve been watching a lot of Kpop boys, especially BEAST. I started watching a TV series. I didn’t want to start watching a Korean drama. I’m not in the mood for a Korean drama. At the same time, I didn’t want to waste hours starting up a new American TV series, since I never watch TV. But I was searching around, and I thought it would be a good time for me to start watching The Boondocks.

I watched one episode of it called “The Itis” because my church leader showed me this episode a long time ago. I thought it was really funny, but I never got the chance to watch the whole series. Now I think I’m really addicted to it. There are 3 seasons, and I want to finish all of them. I think it’s kind of embarrassing for me to reveal that I am watching The Boondocks because it doesn’t fit my image. It’s pretty vulgar, and I feel like I’m turning vulgar the more I watch it. Nigga, and other “inappropriate” words, are used every other sentence. It’s an animated series that pokes fun of social, cultural, and racial issues within the African American community. It’s very satirical and it’s considered “dark comedy.” It’s very stereotypical, but real at the same time. The characters are so funny and cute, and I think that’s why I’m so drawn into it.

Here are a couple clips from season 1:

Riley is so cute.

Unlike his brother, Huey the main character, Riley is very into Black pop culture. His favorite rapper is “Gangstalicious.” I love his granddad’s reaction when he watches the music video of Gangstalicious’ song “Thuggin Love.” This ridiculous tune is stuck in my head now and I crack up to myself.

This is what I’m doing instead of being a diligent, productive student. Sigh. Starting tomorrow, I will get my act together and attempt studying and cooking real food, so I stay healthy. I’m so scared though. I started a kitchen fire in my house, and I’m too scared to turn on the stove now. I have no idea how a fire sparked from our electric stove… I can’t do anything right. I’m not good at studying. I’m not good at cooking. All I do is kill my brain cells with shows, Kpop boys, and random images on tumblr.



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