Dear Ms Brenda

I knew that my blog comes up on Google search and Korean search engines, but I never thought people would actually READ my entries (besides my friends that I know personally in real life). I know a lot of people come to my blog after searching for particular pictures, especially Korean celebrities, and I thought that would be the end of it. I’m just a girl behind a computer writing nonsense about my life and my love for Korean celebrities.

I don’t like to write a lot about controversial issues. That’s just a big headache. Therefore, I never thought my blog could be offensive. I honestly thought my blog could be a personal outlet to express my thoughts and opinions without catering them to a specific audience.

In my last post about teen pregnancy, I offended someone. It was somewhat of a thrill. I felt like I was being rebellious. Yet, my sensitive personality made me shrink and feel apologetic.

She wrote, “chiick ii have 3 kiids and iam 20 yrs old! totally do not appriciate your comments! created and raised with my 6yrs of marriage! dnt think of yourself like the big thing! i still managed to graduate at 16yrs old and go to college! screw you!”

There are two ways I want to approach this comment.

First of all, where in my post did I target you? I don’t think I wrote in an offensive manner. I was simply stating my observations. Never did I say that pregnant teenagers are stupid and ignorant. I never stated that they don’t go to school. I guess I wasn’t clear enough, but I had a problem with that teen pregnancy barbie. I don’t think it’s good to educate children to think that having a baby doesn’t come with any consequences. Also, I don’t like how it is glamorizing teen pregnancy. I am a firm believer of not having babies from premarital sex. I’m just sad that the morals of this world are deteriorating. I suppose your case is different because you’re 20, but you’re married with 3 children. I never said it’s wrong to marry early. Also, I don’t think of myself as the “big thing” just because I’m also 20, not married, have no children, attend college, and have strong opinions. Culturally we are brought up differently, so we probably have different moral values.

Secondly, I’m sorry that I offended you. I will be more careful of what I write. However, this is my blog and blogs are supposed to be opinionated from the start. Aren’t they?

In any case, thank you for your comment. I experience something new each day.



Sorry if I sound really sarcastic, but I’m not trying to be. I guess I just got more into it as I wrote and my blood pressure was rising. Your comment truly made me think though.


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