I Love You, I Love You Again

오원빈 (Oh Wonbin) is back! I missed you so much!

He is the ex-FT Island member. He left in 2009 because he wanted to pursue a different type of music and the whole idol life didn’t fit him. I was devastated because he was my favorite member. Now he is back as a solo artist. I’m so excited. His new digital single doesn’t seem to digress much from FT Island’s music, so I’m a bit confused. I guess there’s less electric guitar and more rap, but I get a very similar vibe as FT Island’s music. It’s so weird seeing him on stage without a guitar. It seems a bit awkward.

I wouldn’t have even recognized him. He looks so different! Wonbin to me was a pretty boy, yet manly at the same time. He was my favorite member because he was a bit more manlier than the other members (although I love FT Island). Wonbin liked to play a lot of sports. But now he just looks like a pretty boy. Nah, he just grew up. He got more mature and lost all the baby-ness. We are the same age, so don’t think I’m a pedo. 멋있어졌다~



멋지다 멋지다 멋있다 ㅋㅋ

I miss Wonbin a lot in FT Island though. I have to admit though, although it took me awhile to like 송승현 (Song Seung Hyun), Wonbin’s replacement, he is a good addition to the band. That guy is hilarious. He’s still a baby to me though.

This is one of Wonbin’s last works as an FT Island member. This song is one of my favorites and I love the music video: they are all in despair that their girl left them and they dramatically sing/play away as they get hit with rain. They look nice in the rain. I promise I’m not lusting. HAHA.

Anyways, I’m so excited that Wonbin is back. Yay! It’s now his time to shine.

I’m going to bed and sleep next to his picture… on my wall… haha…


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