Sleep is Overrated

Sleep should be overrated.

Why am I still up at this hour? It’s the usual: trying to finish up homework/studying.

I have been procrastinating for the past 4 hours……. o.m.g.

Why? Because I just can’t seem to work on things I have no interest in. Physics excites me. HAHA. Psychology research methodologies, on the other hand, has no chance.

I’ve been researching fashion for Brother’s Night instead. HA. I would rather do that than work on my lab report.

I wish sleep would be overrated. I wish we can survive without sleep. I think I’m turning into an insomniac. I’m SO TIRED, but can’t seem to fall asleep. I wish humans were like batteries: staying alive by being charged. I would be able to do so much things if I cut down on sleeping, not that I sleep that much in a day anyways.

Speaking of batteries… I love robots. Especially cartoon robots. I think it’s a really cool icon. I have emo tendencies, so I like the idea of broken, crushed hearts. That’s why I listen to depressing songs. hahah.

How cute are those robots?

I’m going to write a depressing love song one day. I kinda started writing one when I was in 5th grade LOL. I want to write a depressing love song and a love song to God. Yeah those are on two totally different spectrums. I wish I was musically-talented, so I can write songs and play them on instruments.

More and more I wish I was good at something. I wish I was talented in the artsy kind of way: singing, dancing, playing instruments, acting, making movies, taking pictures. Sometimes I want to drop everything I’ve done so far and start new. But no, I will never do that. I’ve invested 20 years of my life trying to pursue science and medicine. I hope I can ultimately reach that goal. Sigh.

I’m crazy. This is what I am like without sleep. Very delusional.

Ramble post.


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