WordPress won’t allow me upload any mp3 files, so this youtube video will have to do.

I’m so excited. I finally found this song. I’ve seriously been looking for years.

This is probably my favorite song because this song helped me to accept Christ as my Lord back at a JGen retreat when I was 13 or so, despite attending church since I was 8. After that retreat, I became a new person. I remember how my mom was so shocked that I became so nice after not being home for 4 days. haha.

I’m so excited. I will be playing this song/album on repeat.

Yesterday, I read John 13:1-17 as my QT. It is the passage about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. Suddenly I got reminded of this one video done by these random Korean guys…

They are actually BEAST’s 양요섭 (Yang Yoseob) and Dalmation’s Drama aka Daniel. This is one of their random videos that they made before they became celebrities.

The video is super random and funny, but it gets the message across pretty effectively. I’m too lazy to translate the whole video, but it’s about how we should be washing each others’ feet (literally for those boys) and as servants of Christ we can’t put ourselves on a pedestal. Or else, it would be impossible to wash each others’ feet when we put ourselves higher (thus the strange positions in the video).

I hope those guys are still Christian. Celebrity life tends to ruin people, but there are a handful of faithful celebrities, Sean being my role model.

Jesus You’re All. All that I need. All of my life, I’m gonna give you all of me. You’ve lifted me up, filled me with hope. You are the One I live for.


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