Heartbroken Fangirl

김종현. Kim Jong Hyun. You broke my heart…

I found out today that Shinee’s Jong Hyun and 신세경 (Shin Seh Kyung) are officially confirmed to be dating.

Gahhh look at that stupid smile on his face.

How did SM Entertainment even allow this? -_-;

I believe he is the first 아이돌 to be in a confirmed relationship (besides Super Junior’s Shindong, but fangirls don’t get heartbroken by him).

Yeah.. Shin Seh Kyung is every guy’s dream girl. I admit. I stalked her because I got mesmerized by her at some point too. She’s pretty. She has a “glamorous” body. She seems innocent. (Although I don’t think she is because when I stalked her I found out she was in some ratedR sex movie). But you can’t help falling in love with her in 지뿡둟고 하이킥.

Jonghyun and Shin Seh Kyung are so random though. Who knew they would get together? They’re both 20. 20 is still so young. Why couldn’t they have waited until 25, at least.

Today is a sad day for us Shinee fans. From now on, I will only give my love to Onew.


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