Girl Crush

7년간의 사랑 (7 Years of Love) is one of my most favorite songs in the world. I was so obsessed about it last year. Every time I hear this song, my heart stops and I get so moved and touched by it.

2 days ago, I was watching 종현 (Jonghyun) of Shinee sing his version of the song and I practically fainted ♥

However, I like IU’s version a lot more.

I have the biggest girl crush on her. LOL.

I think she’s one of the most talented, beautiful, and adorable girls of Korea. She’s somewhat underrated. Her popularity is slowly growing though. She first debuted singing these amazing acoustic songs, but mainstream Kpop media was not ready for her. So then, she changed her music style to bubblegum music. I really didn’t like her song Marshmallow. Yeah it fits her age more (she’s 17 now), but I’m not appealed to bubblegum music, unless if a really hot guy is singing it. She is slowly starting to go back to ballads as Korea is accepting her music. yay.

Sometimes I just watch random videos of her. Seriously, I’m a big fan of hers. Why don’t guys seem to like her as much as I like her?

I am not musically talented, but I got really inspired to learn how to play the guitar and sing like her. One day, I will learn to play and sing 7년간의 사랑. One day…….

Even though she seems really mature because her voice is so mature, she’s still a kid. She’s the biggest 태양 (Taeyang) fangirl. She talks about him all the time. She’s so cute.

I love her eye makeup too. She pulls off every style so well. I wish I could do eye makeup like her, but sadly I don’t know how to put on eye make up at all.

She is so prettyyy


2 thoughts on “Girl Crush

  1. The single most talented female “mainstream” kpop artist. Poor girl, her entertainment company is probably just making her do all bubblegum pop so she can catch attention and make money off her :P

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