Rutgers News

This is the hottest news of the moment: the Rutgers case.

I was reading through 2 articles of the same case:


The authors of both articles seem to be biased in their writing and I got a different feel from each of those 2 articles.

It’s tragic that the freshman committed suicide. What led him to his death can be debatable, I think.

Did his roommate and roommate’s friend really drive the poor guy to his death because he was gay or just by being bullied? Or was this a prank that meant no harm?

Honestly, I don’t know what to think. I am not hating on gay people. I’ve opened up a lot to homosexuality because I met many gay friends this summer. Do I still consider it a sin? yes. Am I defending the roommate & friend? not necessarily.

I feel bad for the parents of all three of those freshman. The parents of the freshman who committed suicide are probably devastated that their smart & talented son is no longer alive. I feel bad for the parents of the roommate and friend. They are Indian and Chinese. What poor immigrant parents who are probably going to have their kids stuck in jail, which is the end to their future career.

Sigh. People these days…


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