Queen of Expressions

Especially since college, I’ve been hearing that I have SO many facial expressions. People think it’s so funny. I was pretty much like this my whole life, but I guess I never realized how many facial expressions I have. I already know that I am the queen of exaggeration, but now I am the queen of expressions as well? I don’t know what kind of facial expressions I have because I can’t look at myself while I’m talking, unless I just talk to myself in the mirror..

I was playing around with my webcam because I was really curious how I talk: what my voice is like (apparently it ranges as much as my facial expressions), what my facial expressions look like, if I really do exaggerate as much as people say, and if I really do make weird sound effects once in a while.

If I vlog, would people even watch it? I don’t think I’ll vlog anytime in the near future because that’s too embarrassing for me. But who knows. My Nebraska roommates somehow watched my old video messages, that I made for my friends, and said how funny and cute I was. I was horrified that they watched it. LOL.

I decided to be a camera whore for a day as I was playing with my webcam. I play by myself well. 혼자서 잘놀아. I can’t believe I am posting these up, but I have to make good use of my talent of facial expressions… =|

inspiration from Calvin

my attempts

then I did a cute/fob version that most girls would do

So I had to do many takes for these… and this is one of my “NGs:”

Since when did I turn into a 구미호 (nine tailed fox)?

Enough of this.

Side comment: Today was my first official day of teaching at the Syracuse Christian Academy. I help teach Korean, IT/Media, and Art… 3 areas you wouldn’t think I’m good at because I’m a “science” major or whatever. Today was really fun though because I love kids, especially toddlers. They are my favorite age group. I finally befriended some toddlers, so we are going to be BFFs soon. I am BFFs with so many toddlers. What does that say about me?…


2 thoughts on “Queen of Expressions

  1. :] I’m glad you get to work with kids again!

    This might be one of my favorite entries that you wrote. I think you should share it on Facebook. Or I will do that for you haha.

    Hope you’ve been well. Let’s video chat sometime soon buddy.

  2. yes we need to video chat soon!

    and these pictures will not go on facebook. they are only available for my blog readers to see.


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