I Need a Girl

So why is my title “I Need a Girl?”

It’s pretty irrelavant, I suppose, but you’ll know if you keep reading.

It’s really nice living off campus. I love it. I feel independent and adult-like. My roommates could be better, but I can manage.

Today I hung out with Sarah on Marshall St. I ended up not buying the American Apparel hoodie even though I’ve been eye-ing it. I eventually spent $45 at CVS… what? Literally, all I bought were eye drops, kleenex, aluminum foil, hair dye, and silly bandz. The silly bandz were totally not necessary and I never thought I would be sucked into this new elementary school trend, but they are so cute.

Afterward, Sarah came over and we made 김치볶음밥 (kimchi fried rice) for dinner. yumm. This was my first time ever cooking anything at my apartment and 2nd time cooking by myself in my life. I had to call my mom for instructions. I asked her, “엄마 how do I make 김치볶음밥?” She told me all the steps. And then I replied, “That’s it?! Why do I feel like it will taste kinda bad if I make it?” My mom told me, “Well yeah it probably won’t taste that good if you make it….” hahaha wow thanks. Anyways my kimchi friend rice had spam and 오뎅 (fish cakes) and it tasted really good. I was really satisfied.

I was thinking about this particular segment of these lyrics: “김치볶음밥은 내가 잘 만들어 대신 잘 먹을 수 있는 여자”

If you know where that’s from, propz. It’s Taeyang’s I need a girl. Hence, my title. 난 김치볶음밥 엄청 잘 먹는데.. can I be your girl? ㅋㅋ

I was going to study, but I had my OCD moment and I had to go on a cleaning rage. I scrubbed down the bathroom and bathtub. I changed the shower curtain because it was getting really dirty. I picked up all the nasty hair that my roommates leave around. And, I vacuumed like crazy. Once again, I just can’t stand how dirty my roommates are. And I’m the only one who really cares to clean -__-

I made a cleaning schedule… I don’t know how to approach my roommates about this… I really don’t want to come off as this really annoying cleaning girl.

So today I really felt like a maid. I now understand what my mom goes through and all the other moms and housewives of this world: there will be other people you just have to clean after even if you like it or not.



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