I’m a Junior Part 2

I finished my 2nd day of classes. I got a gist of all the classes I am taking besides my labs. I feel like it will be an “easier” semester, but at the same time–nope. It’s really weird to accept that I am a psychology major now (BA or BS I don’t know yet) and no longer a “science” major. I am still premed though. I feel like my semester will be easier because I’m not taking any hardcore science classes like biochemistry. I dropped it before school started. I don’t know if it was the best decision of my life or if I am making a mistake, but I decided not to take it. I am still taking 2 science courses though–physics and neuroscience. I like that I am taking a more variety of courses rather than science science science all the time. I haven’t been studying at all… I mean yeah it’s only the 2nd day of classes, but I shouldn’t be slacking already. I’m taking 16 credits. It’s the most I’ve ever taken I think..? Plus, I have to study for MCATs on a daily basis.

I have a strong desire to do well in school, but I end up slacking and cramming, even though I look like a good student. I’ve been on youtube for the past few hours… Oh god. Ok I am giving up both allkpop and youtube.

Heh I look like a little freshman on campus. It’s so weird to think that 50% of the campus population is younger than me…

Today a friend came over my house and I made her dinner. Well, I served dinner haha. She recently switched her major as well, and we have very similar passions. I advised her on courses and whatnot, even though I’m pretty much confused with my new psych major too lol. She kinda saw my transcript, unintentionally, and was telling me how great I was for getting such good grades. Those grades are from freshman year. My GPA went downhill from there. I don’t like to be compared. I hate being compared to people who are smarter than me and just better off, but I also don’t like it when I am the one being compared to people “lower” than me. I’m not trying to be humble or anything by saying that I’m not as great as people think I am. I’m really not. Maybe it’s because I have confidence issues and I never have any self-confidence, but I’m not great at all. People all tell me that I have a good chance for med school, but honestly I don’t think I am as qualified as others. I would LOVE to get into med school by 2012, but it won’t happen with my own power. I need to lean on God. This semester I really want to get closer to God. I’ve realized that I put Him out of the equation many times because I knew He would always be there for me. That’s fake faith though; it’s just me being more independent. Amist all the craziness that will happen this year, I want to put God first.

I hate the SU psych department…. ahaha I’m kinda worried that one day this statement will haunt me. But really. They are no help at all. Aren’t advisors supposed to help you? It’s their job. I emailed my psych advisor because I’m confused as heck, but she told me that she doesn’t want to meet with me. -____- ok then…

Oh my, where does the time go? T____T


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