I’m a… Junior

*gasp* I can’t believe I’m a junior already. I like the sound of 3rd year better–makes me feel not as old.

I’ve been here in Syracuse for a week now. Where did all the time go?

My parents drove me all the way from Chicago to Syracuse. This was my first family roadtrip since 6th grade when we went to Disney World. It was weird. Since I know how to drive, I felt very nervous about my dad driving because he seemed really tired. The whole time I was praying for safety. It was a 13-hour drive and we stopped once in Ohio to sleep. I was anxious almost the whole time, but I got to bond with my family because we were practically confined to a minivan for hours and hours.

Many people say that I’m weird and that my family is weird. We are not a “traditional” family. Families are supposed to be together and I guess interact as a family. My family… we are family by blood, but we are all so independent. We have our own separate lives and we enjoy doing things alone. It’s a strange phenomenon I suppose. However, I want to say a lot of Korean families are like this. Right?

Since we were together in the same space and time, we got to bond a lot. I’ve realized how much my parents love me even though they never express it. I’m so emo and I cried because I’ve realized that they would do anything for me. Why should they though? I’m the worst daughter ever. I’ll probably understand them so much more when I have a kid. Even if that kid is rebellious and I want to kill him/her many times, I would never stop loving him/her. That’s why God is so amazing…

Anyways, when I arrived at my apartment…. sigh…. no words to describe it. IT WAS A MESS. The girl I sublet-ed my room to over the summer left it a complete mess. I got so angry. Plus, it was rainy night. I was in the worst mood–cranky, pissed, angry, 짜쯩 제데로. My mom is the biggest neat freak. She was really upset too. After we threw out everything and cleaned, I realized that I had no mattress. The girl who sold me her bed gypped me. My parents insisted on staying the night to buy me a mattress the next morning. Plus, they were having tire problems. After everything got settled down, I told my parents to leave and that I would take care of everything because I didn’t want them to drive all night and get no sleep to go to work the next day.

Since freshman year, I’ve always came to college alone. I always rode the airplane alone. I didn’t get help from anyone. Saying goodbye to my parents in Syracuse was the weirdest feeling. Saying goodbye in Chicago is so much easier. I felt so sad and homesick when my parents drove away–and I never get homesick. I got extremely lonely afterward.

The roommates: OMG. I wanted to go kill myself. They are SO DIRTY. ahhhh. You can’t even imagine. I was getting super stressed because of them and school didn’t even start! The one roommate (let’s call her A) ordered pizza and put all her leftovers on my freezer. I didn’t touch it because I thought she would clean it. It sat there for 2 days and fruit flies were accumulating. I got so angry: threw it all out in the trash and did her stupid dishes. She left hair in the tub. She brought her friends over and chattered nonstop in Chinese. I had enough. I was about to scream at her (but no I can’t do that and with my 소심한 personality I never will).

One day I woke up and she disappeared. Hallelujah! Apparently she was just the summer roommate. My other roommate and I began cleaning the house because I insisted on it. I threw out everything in the fridge, dining room, and living room. My roommate said, “Wow you must really like to throw things away.” I replied, “Ha… I guess so.” Usually I’m a pack rat. I’m a mild one, but when it comes to other people’s useless junk, I love to throw away everything. I get that from my mom. She throws away literally anything that gets in her way. She threw away my homework so many times before… I feel so refreshed that I threw away so much garbage. No joke. My heart feels so much lighter, like a huge burden being lifted off of me.

I like to take pictures of my room and “show it off.” HA. I’m just kidding, eh not really. One of my hobbies is to look at houses and rooms and how everything is laid out–furniture wise, structure of the building, color sequence, etc. Because of this I wanted to be an architect/interior designer long time ago.

So here is my new room for junior year in my very own apartment. It’s not the best because the room is too small for all of my stuff to fit in, but it’s the best I can do.

here is my door to enter/leave the room and my tiny closet with my twilight wall scroll (i have to make use of it some how)

my huge bed, bibles, laptop, and kpop boys

my beauty/makeup/toiletry area. yes it’s christmas everyday to me

my bookshelf filled with books, kitchen ware, food, more beauty products & my out-in-the-open closet rack. i don’t like it how everyone can see all my clothes, but i can’t fit anything in my tiny closet, so this will have to do. i like to pretend that i’m a celebrity and that i can leave my clothes out in the open…

my cute & pink desk area. and more kpop boys. if i had a picture of 윤시윤, my room would be complete

my light switch area–had to make use of the pictures or they would have ended up in the trash

It’s getting late. I’m a… Junior Part 2 will come later.

Guess what? Today I was walking down the road and I felt something wet on my back like a raindrop. I touched it and OMG a bird pooped on me. I was so disgusted. Why me? Out of all people? 왜 하필 나야? 그 많은 사람들중에서. 제수없어.


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