Celebrity Look-a-likes

I get distracted very easily, so I waste a lot of time doing random, stupid things.

Yesterday I was checking some Kpop news and I came across this article: http://www.allkpop.com/2010/08/park-han-byul-looks-100-like-park-han-byul-but-boa-looks-23-like-boa

Park Hanbyul put her picture up onto some website and it told her that she looks 100% like the celebrity Park Hanbyul. Well, obviously.  BoA did the same by uploading her picture, but the website told her that she looks only 23% like BoA. Heh. Well, BoA does look really different these days. She has lost too much weight. Her makeup is way too heavy–almost scary-looking.

I love these random tests, so I found some Korean website that will tell me if I look like any celebrity. Although I don’t see any resemblances, it’s still fun to do.

Picture 1:

I tried with my most recent picture and the website told me that I look 71% like f(x)’s Victoria. haha. I’m also 24% like CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun and 15% like singer Daylight.

Picture 2:

I took the test again using a picture from senior year of high school. I got even better results. lol. I’m 89% like actress Go Hyun Jung, 89% like actress Kim Minhee, 81% like T-ara’s Q-ri, 71% like actress Jun Jihyun (LOL right..), and 59% like After School’s Jooyeon.

Anyways, I must go back to cleaning… never-ending cleaning of my new apt. I’m supposed to be studying for MCATs, contacting hospitals and professors, but I’m spending days cleaning and cleaning.


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