Current Infatuations

Many say that I fall in love quickly and fall out of love quickly. I guess that is true to a certain extent. I love way too many guy celebrities. WAY TOO MANY…

I have been obsessed with 정용화 (JungYonghwa) of CNBlue for a little over 6 months now. No lie. I fell in love with him at first sight. He’s the first. His charismatic stage performance swooned me over, and I instantly fell in love with his song 외톨이야 (Loner). Usually I like boy celebrities after I watch them on TV for awhile, observing their personalities. 정용화 was different. I liked him from the start. I even went back and watched his drama 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful). I wasn’t planning on watching it, even though I really like 장근석 (JangGeunsuk) and 이홍기 (LeeHongki), since I should be focusing on school, but I ended up watching it because of Yonghwa. I’m probably one of his biggest fans. I liked him even before his official fan club even formed. My ex-roommate is a witness. She knows how much I love this guy.

Next in line–Se7en. I am getting back to liking him since he just came back to the Korean music industry with a new album. I have been obsessed with him since 2003. He’s one of my earlier obsessions. I will always be a faithful fan of Mr. 최동욱 (Choi Dongwook). I remember I used to post his pictures all over my xanga back in the day and everyone made fun of me for liking a gay-looking, pretty, girly boy. He used to be a pretty boy back then. I still love pretty boys, but Se7en has turned really manly since then.

Let’s get away from the Kpop scene a little. Recently I have been liking actor 송중기 (SongJoongki). He is what you would call a pretty boy, but he can be manly and hot too.

Last, but not least, I am so into Simon D of Supreme Team. I recently started watching 뜨거운 형제들 (Hot Brothers) because of him. I find him so sexy. hahaha and I rarely use that word. He’s a mixture of the celebrities that I like. He is a combination of 원빈 (Wonbin), 이민호 (LeeMinho), and 김정훈 (KimJunghoon). He has that bad boy style. He does not seem innocent at all, meaning I think he has played around with girls. I like innocent guys, but I guess this guy is an exception. The thing I like most about him is his voice. I LOVE deep, manly voices.

on the left

I must really like Busan boys. There’s Simon D, JungYonghwa, and JangWooyoung who come to mind immediately.

I mentioned 4 boys (technically 9), but I like so many more. The list goes on forever and ever. Name one guy celebrity and I bet you I probably was in an obsessive phase about him. I am a HUGE fan girl and I am known to change my current celebrity boy infatuations really quickly. Shortest time I will like someone is about a week if I find a new charming boy. This is bad…

Because I like so many guy celebrities, I know that I really do like boys. However, I’m scared of real boys and usually don’t really associate with them. I don’t know when I will even find a boyfriend or when I will get married. I have all these different scenarios of how I will never find Mr. Right and end up being a 외톨이야~ for the rest of my life. Sad thought.

My guy friend told me. “Jane… the reason why you don’t have a boyfriend is because you like way too many celebrity boys.” I guess? I think I will tone down of being a fan girl once I do find a boyfriend, but who knows? Some say that I have extremely high standards. I really don’t, but there are qualities I find really attractive. I don’t expect my future spouse to have all these qualities, maybe like 3. See I don’t have high standards. haha.

Some time in the near future (whenever that may be), I will post all the qualities I find really attractive in guys that usually melt my heart, as these celebrities did for me…


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