Internet Generation

You can’t deny it. We are living in the internet generation. I admit; I can’t live without the internet for even a day. My brother can’t live without the internet for a day. I can’t assume, but I think we, us “young-ins,” can’t live without the internet.

The internet is one of the world’s greatest inventions. Propzz to the guys who invented it.

The internet was supposed to be beneficial. We are connected globally and we can access information quickly. The only reason my parents allowed me to go on the internet in 5th grade was because I would be able to research and do homework. They thought for the longest time that I used the internet for solely school-related activities. Obviously, they know now how much of a bum I am–IMing (although I pretty much quit this), downloading music that I never pay for, downloading videos (and no I don’t watch porn -_-),Β  watching videos, keeping up with social networking/media sites (the many ones that I have), etc.

Maybe it’s only me, but I can spend my whole life in front of my computer… well maybe not. I rarely get bored when I’m online because there’s so much I can do. My suitemate always comes to me saying that she’s bored, but I’m not as long as I have a computer in handy.

Although we have advanced so much due to great technology, we are being deprived. I miss my childhood days when I used to play outside for 5 hours a day: catching bugs (yes, I used to catch bugs even though I’m scared of them now); playing soccer with the boys; playing on the playground set; bicycling; roller blading; jumping in leaves; playing in the rain; taking an adventure into creepy parts of town; playing in the sand; taking dogs for a walk; playing tag, race, and hopscotch; jump-roping; hula-hooping; and so much more. I miss being a girl and expanding my imagination by playing “house,” “doctor,” and “school.” I miss playing with all my stuffed animals. I had names for all 30 of them. I miss playing dress up in real life and dress up with Barbie. I always pretended to be an adult and go to the bar (haha). I had my own restaurants and my own businesses. Sometimes I would pretend that I was a homeless hobo and beg for food, try to dress in shabby clothes, and try to catch a train for a free ride. Sometimes I would be super rich. Sometimes I would be a detective and figure out a murder crime. My imagination was endless. However, now I feel as if I am getting stupider every second of my life. My brain is rotting away. This new life, this new generation is causing me to live like a robot.

In writing class today, my teacher was saying how people are so much more open these days than in the past. Due to facebook statuses, twitter, and other blogging sites, people are revealing a lot more of themselves. It can range from “what I did as soon as I woke up”, relationship statuses, to even sexual encounters. My teacher said it’s strange how so many people are so open these days.

I admit I am falling into this trend. People know so much more about me due to everything I write. They can know what I am doing or thinking by my facebook statuses and my twitter. They can know which celebrity I am currently obsessed with through my tumblr and blog. They can know my resume through my LinkedIn. I totally forgot I had one… I tell people to go read my blog if they want to know how I am doing in Nebraska because I don’t want to repeat myself. Blogging to me is like keeping a diary/journal. I keep up with blogging in order to make a journal for myself. I love reading back to what I wrote when I was “immature.” I like to just ramble. I don’t really do this to inform others or to gain readers. Maybe then I should keep my blog private for only me to see…

I typed in my name onto Google. There are so many people out there with the same name as me, so I didn’t really care about revealing a lot about me and being very “open,” since it’s hard to find me on the internet anyways. However, when I went to Google images, my pictures came up. That was pretty creepy and scary. Conclusion: We are not as safe as we think we are on the internet. The internet is actually a scary place and I am thinking of being more wary about it.

By the way, is there any way to delete followers on twitter? It’s been bothering me that random Korean men are following me on twitter…


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