Day 30: July 4th Weekend

I seem to update less and less about my days in Nebraska.

On Friday, during our regular clinical part of the week, my classmates all picked me out to be the doctor of the day in front of 60 students and 5 TAs. That was nerve-wrecking because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and how I was supposed to diagnose my “patient.”

Then in the afternoon, we had histology class for 3 hours straight. It was rough, but I got through it and actually learned something! I can the differentiate the different white blood cells. yay!

During class, I taught this Vietnamese guy 한글 (Hangeul). I taught him how to write and read in Korean. He is really impressive. He doesn’t know how to speak Korean at all and barely knows any words, but he picked up how to read and write really quickly. He is one of my best students yet. haha. He is super eager to learn Korean. He pops into my room to teach him and he makes me teach him on the bus.

On Saturday and Sunday, we had family Olympics. We have different family groups with our own RAs. We made customized shirts for our teams and competed in the Olympics. Unfortunately we came in last place… We need more boys and strong ones on our team! I think we had a big disadvantage, but whatever. I practically died those days. No food and being overworked.

we are the Tighty Whities. lol. don’t ask why…

Later on Sunday (July 4th) we had a BBQ. The RAs cooked for us. We also had a talent show. This girl has been signing me and few other girls up for the talent show to perform spice girls because I am known as Ginger Spice… but I really didn’t want to perform, so we opted out. It was a decent talent show. 2 of my suitemates were part of this Michael Jackson dance group. They have been practicing for so long (and loudly in our common area), but unfortunately they didn’t win anything. They were so disappointed. I thought they were good and put a lot of effort into it though.

After the talent show, we went to downtown Omaha to watch fireworks. There can’t be a 4th of July without the fireworks. We watched fireworks on top of a bridge that connects Nebraska and Iowa. I passed the border and walked to Iowa to watch the fireworks. The fireworks were so bad, but it was still nice to be outdoors and converse with friends.

In the midst of all this, our whole class was playing Assassins. It was really fun. Everyone is so suspicious of one another. A lot of betrayal. And it’s super violent. I got all scratched up by my killer and I ultimately died. The Grove should play Assassins at a retreat/lockin or something. It’s better than Mafia.

We had a day off today. We went to the Mahoney State Park. I usually don’t really like being outdoors, but it was really nice. First we went paddle boating. I paddled for a bit, but mostly relaxed and let my friends steer the boat.

my facial expressions are always so weird. i’m sorry i don’t know how to smile.

Then it was the highlight of my day: going horseback riding. I have always wanted to ride a horse ever since I was a kid, but I’m too scared of everything. I was a little wary about going horseback riding because I didn’t want to pay a lot of money. However, my Vietnamese friend asked me to go horseback riding with him, so I agreed. He backed out on me today though, but it’s ok. -_- I really liked horseback riding. I was so scared, but after awhile I got used to steering the horse and being on its back. I wore a helmet because I was scared of falling off and dying. I was the loner loser wearing a helmet besides a 6-year-old girl. My horse’s name was Freckles and it was so adorable and tame, though it liked to stop and sight-see and eat grass. I hope I can go horseback riding more in the future.

i look terrible in all my pictures. -_- i don’t know how to pose/smile.

My 4th of July weekend was really fun-filled. There were a lot of other things that I didn’t write about, but it was definitely a memorable one. I am really liking Nebraska. It’s not as boring as I thought it would be.


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