Park Yong Ha

I am in so much shock. Tons of Korean celebrities have been committing suicide over the years. I always feel sad to a certain extent. However reality hits and soon they disappear from my mind (probably because I wasn’t a huge fan). Sorry to say.

I really can’t believe Park Yong Ha (박용하) was found dead today. He is extremely popular–the top celebrity of both Korea and Japan. He was supposed to come back to the small screen through a new drama, which I was looking forward to. He was one of my favorite actors since Winter Sonata (겨울연가). I can’t believe he decided to end his life this way. I hate suicide. I’m sure he probably had hidden stress and burdens being one of the top celebrities, but he made such a bad decision.

I am so sad and heart broken. You will be missed by your fans worldwide. RIP…

the pose he was making in my dream…


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