Day 23

My mind has been somewhat hectic.

On Saturday, I had a mandatory field trip to the Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE, which is the home to the Nebraska Huskers–apparently the best college football team in the U.S. It was pretty cool. I like how my program is taking me to so many sites of Nebraska that tourists should all see. Afterward, we went to a delicious Italian restaurant. I stuffed my face. The boys gave me the “fat look” to make me feel uncomfortable. haha. Then, we had a tour of the dentistry school. It was pretty cool how all the dentist chairs and equipments are layed out in rows and rows for students to practice cleaning teeth and whatever other stuff that dentistry students do.

Saturday was a sad day: both Korea and the U.S. made a sad exit out of the world cup. I couldn’t watch the Korea vs. Uruguay game at all, but was updated with the scores. I was able to catch the last 30 minutes of the US vs Ghana game. Man… Who do I root for now? I’ll root for Brazil, but I have a feeling Argentina will win. Gahhh Argentina >:(

On Sunday, I had a secret meeting with the program coordinator and my small group members regarding our TA. Apparently he was going under investigation because of his unprofessional behavior. I was honestly shocked because I liked my TA and I think he did a great job as our TA, even if sometimes he did get carried away with talking about hot girls. We discussed our opinions and I shared mine. The head coordinator thanked me for sharing my thoughts even though I’m shy. I guess I really do have a “shy” label, but other people know that I will share my ideas when I feel if it is appropriate to share at the moment. The head coordinator told us not to take anything too seriously because she just wanted to hear our opinions about the behaviors of our TA. Later on, the head doctor of the program came to discuss his views and told us that our TA is being “fired.” He will be taking a leave from our program. My group members and I were really shocked. I was so nervous. I didn’t think it was fair to make such a decision without even hearing our input. We are not allowed to discuss this issue to our classmates, but rumors are spreading like wild fire already. We will get a new TA. He is the head of all the other TAs and is the floater TA. I like him, but he won’t be the same as our former TA. I feel somewhat sad. Our TA was the reason why our group is pretty close. He got us to have great discussions during our small group time and made us share our ideas and opinions with the group. The group dynamic will definitely be different without him…

Today I also met with the same head doctor of the program for our individual interviews about why we want to become doctors. It was so nerve-wrecking, but I think I did a good job… I stuttered at first but I made sure to make eye contact, smile, nod to everything he says, and avoid the words “umm” and “like.” He introduced me to someone at SUNY Upstate to contact, so that’s good networking right there. He actually grew up and went to school in NY, so he is familiar with where I go to college and such.

Later when I got back to my dorm, I worked out for an hour! I am so tired though.

I was just bumming in my room when these 2 guy friends came out of no where. They were like “Jane, your people are in the lounge. You need to go talk to them!”

I was like “What?!” Despite my response, they dragged me into the lounge and pushed me into the room of fresh off the boat, from Korea, Koreans. It was so awkward!!! hahaha. I was like “안녕하세요” with a 인사. There were 3 boys and 4 girls, I think. We conversed for a bit because the 2 guy friends and my suitemates were really enthusiastic about meeting Koreans aka Jane’s people. The fobs are college kids from Daegu and they came to Nebraska for a summer program to learn English. I told them that I also came here for a summer medical program. I apologized that my Korean is really bad because I was born in Chicago, but they told me that I am good. LOL. I was so nervous because I was pushed into a room of strangers and I was really self-conscious about my Korean skills, so my American accent came out like crazy. Haha maybe I’ll bump into them more and actually try to learn more about them… When I first saw them in the same dorm as us, I knew they were from Korea. These Vietnamese and Filipino guys asked, “Jane, are those people Korean? YOU SHOULD GO TALK TO THEM. They are your people.” I declined though hahah. However the 2 guys who barged into my room today forced me to go talk to them. I guess I couldn’t get away with not talking to them. It was so awkward to talk in 존댓말 but I guess it would have been more awkward to talk in 반말, so 존댓말 is the way to go.

I am tired. It’s time to get some rest and wake up early for a new day.


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