Day 20

I am almost halfway through this program!

Fridays are more fun days I suppose. Today we had a panel discussion with a medical student, MD/PhD, Physician Assistant, and a Physical Therapist. More every day I’m not sure if I want to become a doctor. Some days I am so determined to become a doctor and I know it’s the path for me. Other days, I don’t think it fits me. I dunno.

Today we had live anatomy class and clinical class, along with the usual gross anatomy class. During the clinical class, we learned how to check the heart, lungs, and the abdomen. We got to go into little doctor offices and practice doing check ups on each other. It was somewhat awkward touching my classmates in sensitive areas. I was partnered up with a girl, but she didn’t want me touching her in the abdomen area (she was probably feeling self-conscious), so I did my check up on this guy. We had to pretend like we were doctors. I had to ask him to lift his shirt, so that I can check his abdomen and touch it and all that stuff. That was kinda awkward. Good thing he didn’t check me because oh no I will not lift up my shirt for you and let you touch my fat belly… That is one thing I really hate – when people poke my belly. We then checked each other’s heartbeats, lungs, ears, throats, nose, and lymph nodes.

In living anatomy class, we pretty much touched each other again to differentiate the different muscles of our bodies. I got paired up with a girl. I am so much more comfortable getting touched by girls than random guys. I couldn’t find the muscles well, so my TA helped me find the muscles on my partner. He pretty much went under her shirt and all. It wasn’t even me, but I felt uncomfortable. Our other girl TAs told us that all medical students have to take living anatomy class (remember what I wrote in a previous post about it being my TA’s favorite class because he can feel up girls). I found out today that people strip for this class. It’s pretty much required. Girls have to come to class in a sports bra and shorts, while boys have to be topless and no idea for the bottom. Oh gosh I am not going to be comfortable doing that when I am in med school. All the guys were happy. All the guys here are so touchy, even the girls. I, as many of you know, am not touchy at all. My family is not touchy, so I just grew up like that. I don’t mind people touching my arms, hands, back, and upper chest for this class. However when it comes to my face, abdomen, and boobs, yeah I am not really comfortable especially if it’s a boy I met for the first time.

World Cup Top 16 tomorrow! Who’s excited? I don’t know if Korea has a chance against Uruguay, but hopefully a miracle will occur. I am so bummed I won’t be able to watch it because of a mandatory field trip on a Saturday! Ahh and it might even be our last game and I’ll have to wait another 4 years.



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