Day 19

I went to bed really late last night around 1:30AM. Therefore, it killed this morning. I woke up late and I had a hard time staying awake during class today. I love physics, but oh man today was tough. We learned about pressure, density, buoyant forces, etc., which are the things I particularly don’t have much interest for. I finally snapped out of my sleepy mode when my professor pretty much woke me up with a gun shot. He did an demonstration of vacuums and taking away air, which builds up pressure. He built this cannon-looking thing and filled it with a ping pong ball and shot through 2 aluminum cans. It was crazy. Later on he did more demonstrations. The professor inhaled helium, and as expected his voice turned like Donald Duck’s. He’s a cute grandpa. Later on he inhaled a gas I’ve never heard of called sulfur hexafluoride. It was hilarious. He turned into Darth Vader and his speech got so much slower.

I barely had time for lunch, so I ate during our afternoon lecture, which was about genetic engineering and genetic counseling. Later on we got into our small groups again to discuss. We talked about what our perfect ideal baby would be. I shared my thoughts. Apparently I’m hilarious. I shared how I would most likely, and want to, marry a Korean man because I want my husband to be able to communicate with my parents. Therefore, my baby would be Korean. I want my baby to have big eyes or at least the size of my eyes. I want my baby to be tall because I wasn’t blessed in that area. Before I wanted to have BEAUTIFUL babies because I wanted to send them out to beauty pageants and become baby models and eventually become the top celebrities later on. However, now I just want my babies to be pretty/good-looking, but not extremely beautiful because I wouldn’t be able to handle all the boys and girls chasing after my children who would corrupt their innocence. I want them to be smart of course. I want to provide them with everything I couldn’t have. I want to make them play sports, play instruments, take classes, etc. and eventually send them off to Harvard. haha. Anyways baby talk is many many years away. I need a boyfriend/husband first.

After I came back to my dorm and ate dinner, our small group family met up with our TA off school property. He took us out to get dessert. I thought it was nice of him to spend that much money on us. He is only 24 23 and just finished first year of medical school.

I got chosen to go as a representative from my small group family to some kind of meeting with the head doctors and our program coordinators. My TA said it’s an excellent resume builder. I am really nervous though.

I decided not to go laser tagging/paintballing/mini golfing tonight. Maybe I should have gone, but I am so tired. I can’t keep on being anti-social like this. It puts more burden on me because I don’t know what I would share about the experiences I’ve had here. What will I say at that head doctors meeting if I am being anti-social?


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