Day 18 and the Days Before

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I’ve been pretty busy, but I can’t recall really doing anything exciting. Time just flies by and then it’s time to go to bed and start a new day.

Last Friday I said I would go shadow a pediatrician. It was somewhat disappointing because I wanted to shadow a pediatrician (what I hope to become in the future), but I shadowed a physician’s assistant instead. She actually wasn’t that much different from a doctor. I honestly could not tell the difference. The main doctor was busy with the medical students who are doing rounds for their 3rd year. It’s really interesting how the age gap is huge for medical students. Many people start medical school late, so practically everyone I met is either married with or without kids.

Anyways, I got to see 4 patients. The first patient was a 2 month old baby who came to get the monthly infant immunization and check up. The family is Hispanic, so there was an interpreter in the room to translate what the doctor/PA was trying to explain. The second patient was a shy 6 or 7 year old who claimed to have swollen tonsils, but the doctor/PA diagnosed it as a minor infection of the lungs. The third patient was a very cute 2 year old. I got to see what the nurses do. The nurse had to draw blood from the toddler. She was bawling (typical) and kept on repeating, “All done.” I remember I used to do that when I was a baby. However, Korean was my first language back then, so I would cry, “집에 가자.” Afterward, I came back with the doctor and the doctor advised to the patient’s mom to cut down on her food consumption because she is worried that the kid will become fatter. They were having such a serious conversation. I guess I really attract children because the patient was so interested in me. LOL. She walked to me and kept on trying to converse with me. I personally love to play with young children. It felt weird because I wanted to appear professional and go along with the seriousness of the environment. However, I just couldn’t ignore the kid. I played with her for a little bit in that tiny doctor’s office. The fourth and fifth patient ended up not showing up to their appointments. Doctors really get frustrated when patients don’t show up, so remember to always keep your appointments. The last patient for my shadowing shift was a 15 year old, an older patient than the previous ones. She came to get birth control pill prescriptions. It was somewhat awkward asking about her sexual life, but we have to be professional.

After shadowing and finishing my anatomy classes, we went to the NCAA college world series opening ceremony. It was very cool, but so tiring. I don’t understand why we went 5 hours early… anyways here are some pictures. (Courtesy to Megan)

The stadium was packed! People from all over the U.S. came to support their college baseball teams.
It was a crazy beginning of the ceremony. 3 air force men sky dived from helicopters to fly with the American flag.
Barry Bonds showed up. Everyone went crazy. I had no idea who this guy was, but I guess he was one of the best baseball players ever.
Then the ceremony ended with a great fireworks show. (Courtesy to Charlene)
How did I get in there? haha I’m famous. I’m on the official website. (Courtesy to Carly our coordinator)

On Sunday I went to watch TOY STORY 3 in 3D. Oh gosh it was so good. I cried from the beginning to end. It was very emotional. I remember watching Toy Story 2 in theaters. I can’t believe this is the official end to one of my favorite childhood movies.

On Monday, we started physics class. I really like it so far. I like physics. I’m not the best at it though, which disappoints me. I wish I was amazing at it. My real dream was to be a chemical engineer. I even was contemplating about changing my major and school during freshman year of college, but I gave that up because I am not good at physics and I’m not smart enough for it. I suppose medicine fits me better, but who’s to say that it really does. I’m just trusting God on this. Hopefully my future husband can be an engineer since I don’t think I’ll find him in medical school, seeing that everyone is married already. Anyways, I think I am the only person in the program who is genuinely really enjoying 4 hours of physics at 8AM. I haven’t fallen asleep, but it’s honestly hard to stay awake in class for 4 hours straight. The TAs are starting to crack down now. They will write us up and fine us if we fall asleep.

I’ve been working out everyday with my suitemates. I am so sore, but people are saying it’s because I’m building muscles. Yay toned arms and abs?! lol

One of my suitemates opened up and told me something that really caught me off guard. I don’t know if I should write about it here… what if she sees it? Well, ok. She told me out of the blue that she was gay. Not really out of the blue I suppose because she asked me if I had a bf. She admitted her sexuality while laughing, so I naturally thought she was joking and I laughed it off, but she was serious. I’ve never met a… very awkward to say this… but… lesbian. I obviously had a reaction, but I hope she didn’t notice it. She told me because she thought I would be cool about it. I’m trying to make it cool. I’m not treating her any differently. When other people found out (which was before I even knew), they bashed her and bad rumors are going around. They treat her differently and avoid her. She doesn’t know that I am Christian. If she knew, I don’t think she would have told me, since “those Jesus people are crazy.” I have always been very against homosexuality because I was never friends with anyone who were gay. I met a lot of people here in Nebraska and some are gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. I’ve just never been exposed to so many different people of different cultures, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds and such, prior to coming here. I was always in my own little bubble of Korean Christians. I really do enjoy being around so many different types of people though. I am totally cool if my suitemate is gay and that she has a pretty girlfriend, but is it conflicting with my views? Am I suppressing something I should be honest about? She decided not to tell one of our other suitemates (there are 4 of us). This other suitemate is a Jehovah’s Witness.. She is very upfront about her beliefs. Us 3 roommates decided not to tell her, scared of how she will react with her whole religious-y stuff. Gosh I hope she doesn’t read this… Anyways in the past couple of days, I’ve learned so much about the gay community.

On Tuesday, it was the Korea vs. Nigeria game. At 1:30PM I was in class, so I couldn’t watch any bit of the game. I was on ESPN the whole time on my ipod though, checking the game minute-by-minute. One of my suitemates is Nigerian, so we weren’t friends that day lol. I nearly had a heart attack during class because Nigeria shot a goal really early in the game and Greece was holding down Argentina. 2:2 It was a good game. Very unpredictable. I am so glad we got to the top 16. I was so disappointed 4 years ago. Our next opponent is Uruguay. I don’t know… but FIGHTING KOREA. I’m so sad I can’t watch the game again. Well I’m not sure. We have this mandatory field trip on Saturday and I have no idea what time we get back. Hopefully I will be able to catch the game on TV (if no one takes it =/) at 4PM. Just kidding. The game starts at 9AM. UGH I have the field trip at 8:30AM with no tv, let alone internet access. :(

Nothing else is really new. I go to school for more than 9 hours. I am talking to non-Koreans. I am learning to survive without Koreans and Korean food. I go to random places at times. I have work-out buddies. I watch more movies than ever. I rarely watch Korean shows/drama. I’m not online as much. I get to see many professionals. I don’t study much lol. I have to start cracking, but I don’t have books. I need to start my research project….

I have a new nickname here. LOL. I’m known as Ginger Spice, or Ging for short. LOL so random. How did I, the quiet Asian girl with lighter hair, turn into a spice girl?


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