Day 12

It is HOT & HUMID in Omaha. I was practically “naked” yesterday and today, since I am pretty conservative.

Day 9,10,11… Sorry I don’t remember what happened. I’ve been busy and didn’t have time to update.

Today was a memorable day to record, so here it is.

Last night I passed out at 9:00pm. That was a first. I woke up around 10:30pm though because my suitemates were being loud. I set my alarm to 4am, but I guess I slept right through it and woke up at 6:15am.

The reason I was going to wake up so early was because a Mexican friend I met here wanted to watch the Korea vs. Argentina game with me at 6:30am. I wanted to take a shower and get ready and finish my homework before watching the futbol game. keke. Anyways, I was pretty shocked that she wanted to watch it with me so early in the morning, seeing that I would be the only one watching the game since I’m the only Korean here. She wanted to watch the game to support Korea because she hates Argentina. Apparently Argentina and Mexico don’t get along.

I woke up 6:15am, so I was off schedule. I went to the lounge to turn on the tv to ESPN and then left to take a shower since my friend didn’t come yet. I ended up getting ready and went to the lounge at 7:00am. By then, Argentina scored 2 goals already… and one by our very own player Park Chu Young, but it’s ok we still love you.. I did my homework as I was watching the game. It was so nerve-wrecking. I felt like I was going to die. Eventually Argentina won 4:1 with the stupidest goals ever. I was pretty bummed and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack literally. My arteries were pumping. My blood pressure was rising. I was getting dizzy. I needed to relax and get some sugar in my system. My suitemates think I am so dedicated to Korea seeing how I wake up so early to watch the game. Oh and this will probably be the only time I get to watch almost the full game because I had time. Usually I wouldn’t be able to watch a match at 6:30am because I have class, but today we went on a field trip in the morning, so school started a bit later than usual. Anyways, Korea has to beat Nigeria. One of my suitemates is Nigerian. We were like “Oh no we can’t be friends..” haha but she doesn’t care about the world cup, so she “wants” Korea to win.

For our field trip we went to the BODIES… The Exhibition. It’s a museum that displays the human body. This museum in Omaha is controversial because the bodies were not donated for science. Instead they were “stolen” bodies/bodies who didn’t get claimed after the person died. All the bodies are from China.

Despite the controversy, I really enjoyed it since it was free for me. haha. People were saying, “Yeah I can tell Jane is excited. You can just see it in her eyes.” LOL ok. I was pretty mesmerized. I wanted to stay longer, but we had to leave.

Afterward, we had lunch from a custom deli and we had humanities class. Today we discussed professionalism (again) and talked about This I Believe. -___- This I Believe again? I did this in WRT205 at Syracuse. I hated the instructor so please don’t remind me of her.

We split up into our small groups to discuss and we had to write about anything that struck us while we were here at this program. I had to share what I wrote up in 15 minutes. It’s not the best. I could have written it a lot better if I had more time and if I wasn’t caught off guard.

I enjoyed going to the BODIES… The Exhibition today. I was really interested in seeing all the different organs, muscles, and body systems. I found it so amazing how the human body is so intricately and complexly developed. I want to learn more about the mysteries of the human body and it is one of the many reasons why I aspire to become a doctor.

I was especially intrigued by the display of human fetuses. At first I was a bit wary about the display because I had heard that the fetuses were from aborted babies, but I was relieved to find out that they are not. I was really amazed at how life forms immediately. By 14 weeks, a tiny human is completely formed. I am against abortion and this really strengthened my view. My close friend is currently pregnant, :) so seeing the display of fetuses felt more personal to me. It was like seeing my friend’s baby.

Long before, I thought that fetuses were the most disgusting things on earth because they look like shriveled up aliens. However, being around my pregnant friend and others I know with young babies, this idea has disappeared from my mind. I have always wanted to become a pediatrician who specializes in working with children with disabilities, but recently I feel that my options are being more opened.Β  Who knows, I might even become an OB/GYN some day.

After everyone shared their story, we voted on which of our papers are the best, so that we can try getting it published. (I tried getting my WRT205 story published… yeah didn’t go so well LOL). I had the most votes… it felt nice LOL. However, this one girl broke down after sharing her story, so we decided to get her story published. Man… I could have pulled the tear method too. JK.

We went around sharing really personal stories. I am still not comfortable around the people here to open up fully, but I’ve been opening up the people’s minds about Koreans LOL. People here do not know anything about Koreans or Korea. They still ask me if I’m North Korean or South Korean. Seriously? -__- I got those questions in elementary school when everyone was ignorant. Anyways, I am representing Korea here.. what a big burden. Everything I do and say will be the reflection of Koreans, even my mistakes.

Overall, the days are getting better here and some days not so much.

I worked out today for a little while. Must LOSE WEIGHT.

Tomorrow I will be going to the NCAA College World Series Opening Ceremony (for college baseball if you didn’t know. I didn’t. haha) It’s pretty exciting since it’s always hosted in Nebraska. I have never been to a baseball game setting, so I am kinda excited.

Also, tomorrow I get to shadow a pediatrician for the first time! That is pretty exciting as well. I am so nervous though. I better not make a mistake in front of the doctor, residents, and medical students.


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