Day 5,6,7,8

It’s been 1 week here since I’ve been in Omaha, NE. For those of you who were wondering, Omaha reminds me a lot of Aurora, IL. It’s kind of like the suburbs, but not really. It’s definitely not like Chicago, which is filled with skyscrapers. It’s kind of like Syracuse, NY. Omaha is not rural and it’s not urban, so I guess it’s suburban-like. There’s lots of agriculture – very green. The weather is VERY HUMID. It’s sticky pretty much every day. The buildings are freezing though because of the AC, so I wear a hoodie and long pants practically every day.

I haven’t updated in awhile because I got lazy and it was getting too late (since I try to sleep by 11:30pm).

Let’s see if I can even remember.

Thursday, June 10th:

-typical day; had biostats in the morning & humanities class in the afternoon

-in our small group discussions in the afternoon, we discussed/debated about ethics of doctor/patient relationships (ie. if the doctor/resident told you as a medical student to do a pelvic exam on a women while she’s knocked out in surgery for something unrelated to the pelvic region; she gave consent to the previous 3 pelvic exams, but not the 4th, would you still do the 4th pelvic exam? would you prescribe birth control pills to a 13 year old? if your patient is HIV+ and wants you to prescribe him viagra, would you?)

-afterward we had to write a journal entry/free-style writing during humanities class. this was my entry:

My life seems so planned & structured while I am here at SMDEP. It’s not a bad thing I guess since I do like it better than being unplanned all the time, but it’s tiring.
I don’t like to write when I have to reveal it. It’s ironic though since I have a blog and many social-networking sites for people to read what I write about, but I want to keep a lot of things secretive at the same time. I guess some days I get extremely introverted & other days not so much.
Today was such a rough morning. I was running a bit late, then I locked myself out of my room. I had to run to the main desk & get the guy to open the door for me. I had to scarf down breakfast in order to get on the bus on time. Even as I got to the med school building, I forgot and left my water bottle on the bus. I had to run after the bus to retrieve it back. My backpack strap broke. I got “dressed up” for a meeting with the head doctor, but it ended up being canceled.
Classes are honestly a bit boring, but I can sit through it. Stats got hard today =x. I like our discussion group because I get to hear other people’s thoughts. I love to listen & hear different opinions. I guess I get swayed a lot & get influenced a lot, rather than having a firm belief. Listening skills is my strength though. I have to work on getting my ideas across clearly. They somehow get distorted when they come out of my mouth though, although the idea is perfect in my head.

-i don’t remember what i did at night, but i did come back to my room looking like this:

the cleaning people come and change our bed sheets and towels every so often, even though i lock my room and everything. it’s like hotel service. it’s so weird. one of my suitemates says in her southern accent, “i’m not comfortable with this type of treatment.” lol

-OH and later i worked out at night. it was better than my first time lol.

Friday, June 11th:

-typical day again, waking up at 5:30am.

-we had our medical clinical shadowing orientation and got assigned our doctors/shifts for shadowing. i am going to shadow at the pediatrics department and at a small clinic outside of campus.

-we played jeopardy of anatomical terms.

-in the afternoon, we had anatomy class. we are taught by the professor who teaches anatomy to first year medical students.

-later, we had class in the gross anatomy lab. (fyi for non medical/science majors, when i refer to gross anatomy lab, i don’t mean gross as in disgusting. gross anatomy is the study of anatomy at the macroscopic level).

-we learned about the peripheral and central nervous system. i got to see a cadaver and the spinal cord. it was so weird but so cool. the cadaver only showed the muscles and the spine. the whole time i was thinking in my head, “고기덩어리 같다…” (it looks like a chunk of meat). it really did! i told my mom and she got so grossed out.

-then i held a real life brain! i was so excited. if you do not know already… i LOVE brains. it’s my crazy passion. it was so cool. the brain is pretty heavy. my TA made me explain the homunculus because i was the only person who knew and he seemed surprised that i knew about it. i learned that in high school (thanks to mr. mash LOL).

-i don’t remember what i did at night, but I did watch Shutter Island with my fellow classmates. at first i didn’t want to watch it because it seemed so scary, but people assured me that it’s not scary, just creepy. it was in fact creepy, but i really liked it. it related to what i learned in biopsych, which i really like.

Saturday, June 12th:

-i woke up at 7:00am. a little later than usual. it’s saturday, but i still had to go to the medical school building for CPR training class.

-the world cup (YAY Korea) started at 6:30am. i was too tired to wake up that early, but i did catch some of the game while getting ready. i was so crazy 4 years ago about the world cup. i knew each player. my myspace was all “Go Korea World Cup” oriented. I watched every single game, well although there were only 3 because of the unfair switzerland game, so korea couldn’t go to the top 16th round. i was really into soccer and the world cup. i guess i am not as crazy for this year’s world cup, but i’m still slightly obsessed, checking the fifa/espn page oftenly.

-anyways, i re-learned how to do CPR and use an AED on an adult and infant. i passed the class, so i guess i am certified. i think they will give us our certification cards later.

-in the afternoon, i went to the outdoors mall called Village Pointe. it’s kind of like The Glen and Old Orchard combined. i watched the movie Killers. it was SO good and SO cute. i loved it. but then again i love any movie with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. they are my favorites.

-i shopped a little and bought a shirt at old navy ($7) and perfume at bath&body works ($8) which were both on sale.

-later in the night, there was a dance party on the 4th floor of the dorms. but being anti-social i went to check it out and left because it was lame.

-then i started to get cramps and died.

Sunday, June 13th:

-i couldn’t sleep at all because of my cramps. i am on a “diet,” so i am not eating a lot, so i’m usually on an empty stomach. i didn’t think it would be a good idea to take medicine without food because i did that last time and i was in more pain. so, i had to suck it up with the pain, but it was so painful and i couldn’t sleep.

-i couldn’t go to church because i couldn’t find a church :( the RAs are giving out rides to church, but the only options were 1) a catholic church or 2) a black baptist church. i don’t feel comfortable going to both. i tried looking around for korean presbyterian churches. i found one, but i think the whole service is in korean and there isn’t an EM service. i don’t know what i am going to do about this church situation =/

-i skipped our elections today because of my cramps. therefore i skipped brunch as well.

-i finally got out of bed at around 1pm – showered and played until dinner and then played some more afterward. and here i am updating my blog. i’m so anti-social. i’m in front of the computer all day and only talk to people during meals.

-i have lots of hw apparently, but i haven’t started…. crap. i’ll just cram tomorrow…. it’s getting really late, so i should sleep, but my computer is not cooperating with me >:[


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