Day 3

-Again woke up at 5:30AM.
-Took a shower and ate breakfast and got to the medical school at 7:30AM.
-We took different random tests: a study skills test, a myers briggs test, a vocab exam, a reading comprehension exam, and a math exam.
-Ate lunch at a different hospital cafeteria. The food was good once again.
-From 1:00PM-2:00PM, we had another power point presentation on professionalism. Ironically dozed off and woke up when the speaker was talking about NOT sleeping class as it is not a sign of professionalism. So… I thought we would simply get fined. But if we fall asleep once, that’s breaking the rules, so we get written up and it goes into our files. Third strike, we get expelled. SIGH. I keep dozing off… =/
-At 3:00PM, we started our “white coat opening ceremony.” We officially get to wear our doctor coats at the hospital. hehe.

meh. I don’t really like this picture, but I don’t really have any other pic. The coat is too big. I should exchange for an XS.

-Afterwards, I ate dinner and decided to go work out. I decided that after I saw my ID picture and how huge my face is… that I should definitely go on a diet. I am trying to eat MUCH smaller portions (It’s rumored and true that I eat HUGE portions). Also, I need to exercise to lose the calories. First day of workout=fail. I ran for 11min and couldn’t do it anymore. There is a scale in the gym. I weigh a lot more than I thought T___T

What my mom said is true:

Tomorrow is the first official day of class. Now we get to learn yay. Starting tomorrow, I can’t just lounge around on my computer anymore and get in bed by 11:30PM. I’ll have to start studying, so I guess I will be blogging less, but I’ll try to update often.


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