Day 2 in Omaha, NE

Today I woke up at 5:30AM to get ready for the first day of school. My suitemates and I went to get breakfast at 6:40AM. It was the first time I had real breakfast in years. The food was pretty good, until I started to gag again towards the end. The big yellow school bus picked us up at 7:15AM. I felt like I was in high school, or more like a retreat or something. The bus driver apparently didn’t know where to drop us off, so he dropped us off at the hospital. We were supposed to be at the medical school building. We were like a herd of lost cows.

Today was an orientation day, so there were no real classes. From 8:00AM to 10:00AM we listened to speakers. From 10:00AM-11:30AM we got a tour of the medical school from our individual TAs. My TA is really funny because he only talks about hot girls. He just finished his first year at medical school, so he looks like a medical student. The way he talks and what he talks about doesn’t really seem “professional,” but maybe it’s just his method to make us feel more comfortable and relate-able to him. He was telling us about how his favorite class was the live anatomy class (or something like that). Pretty much you have a lab partner and you work together to figure out different anatomical parts of the body. My TA said, “Just look for a single girl and be her lab partner. Then throughout the whole semester you can feel her up and you won’t even get in trouble for it because you’ll be learning more about the human body. I felt bad when 2 guys got paired up together, but whatever floats their boat. I would rather feel up a girl, but that’s just me.”Β  OK…

I also got to go to the gross anatomy lab. One professor/doctor/researcher was actually cutting up a cadaver, but only the pelvic region. The dead person was a guy…

From 11:30AM-12:25PM, we had lunch. The hospital cafe is delicious! Apparently doctors are supposed to get the best food.

From 12:30PM-3:00PM we had a power point lectures. Oh gosh. The presentation was about how you can’t reveal, look up, or even talk about different diagnosis of patients. You can get terminated from your job or even go to jail. The presentation was also about safety procedures of the hospital. Boring stuff… I dozed off a lot during those 2.5 hours. One rule about our program: you cannot fall asleep from any of the lectures or else you will get fined. Since we are getting paid to come to class, if we miss it or sleep during class our paychecks will get deducted. My TA found me sleeping, but I think he let me go. Waking up at 5:30AM is tough and I get so tired and sleepy. I don’t know how I’m going to handle this. I ALWAYS sleep in all my classes at Syracuse. haha. I need to break that bad habit. I can’t fall asleep ever again or else I will get fined.

I got back to my dorm at 3:40PM. I knocked out on my bed. I went to dinner after my nap. The food was better than I expected. I am eating less because I need to lose weight. I gained almost 5lbs in Chicago alone. Afterward, my suitemates and I went to Kohls because they needed last minute professional clothes for our opening ceremony tomorrow. We are going to get our lab coats tomorrow. I’m kinda excited. We’ll be mini-doctors. hehe.

We have to go to class tomorrow in our nice clothes and take a 3.5 hour long diagnostic exam to see where we are standing in our knowlegde. We will be taking a math exam tomorrow for sure and other subjects. I haven’t taken math since senior year in HS. I forgot EVERYTHING. I’m getting stupider and stupider each day. I am going to fail the exam for sure tomorrow. When I applied to this medical program I submitted my freshman year transcript. My GPA was high, so I think that’s why they accepted me. My GPA dropped like crazy after sophomore year… I should retake some classes… Anyways, UNMC probably thinks I’m bright, but they will be shocked to realize that I am actually dumb…

Tomorrow will be a long day too, so I should sleep soon.

Random: I’ve been having a lot of bathroom problems. hahah TMI?

I promised pictures of my dorm room, so here they are. I’ve never lived in a suite before, so it’s pretty nice.

haha I’ve never lived this empty-like before. I tried to not bring a lot of stuff, but I still went over 50lbs at the airport…


One thought on “Day 2 in Omaha, NE

  1. poor thing! you had to witness a cadaver get cut up? oh man, take care of yourself, will be praying for you over there, keep your head up! : )

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