Day 1 in Omaha, NE

I’ll try to update everyday about my life here in Nebraska for a summer medical program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Practically everyone asked, “Why Nebraska?” Well it’s because it’s the only one I got accepted to… haha.

There are 80 of us medical and dental students (60 medical and 20 dental). Apparently it’s a really competitive program. Because it’s such a competitive program, we all should be thankful for such an opportunity. We get to come here for free—free travel, free tuition, free boarding. We gain knowledge, education, and experience. We get to go to the medical school hospital for clinical shadowing. Plus, we get a stipend.

At first I was really bummed (or more like I cried) that I didn’t get accepted to University of Washington in Seattle because it was my dream school. However, I should thank God for even allowing me to come here to Nebraska. Who thought I would ever end up here.

Anyways, my flight was today, Sunday at 8:00AM. I ended sleeping at 1:30AM the night before because I was packing and couldn’t fall asleep because I never sleep earlier than that at home when I’m bumming around during the summer. I woke up at 5:00AM to take a shower and eat kimchi bokeumbab, my last Korean meal for the next 6 weeks. I got to the airport around 6:40AM. It was crazy at O’hare! The line was unimaginably long. I thought I would miss my flight, but thank God that my flight got slightly delayed, so I was able to get on the airplane on time.

I knocked out on the plane. My RA picked me up with a bunch of other fellow classmates at the airport. Apparently the airport is located in Iowa but if you drive for less than 5 minutes then it turns into Omaha, NE.

I got into my suite at the dorms at 11:30AM. I met one of my suitemates and we decided to go to the cafeteria/dining hall for lunch. Hmm I thought Syracuse dining halls were bad… but they are great compared to the dining hall here at UNMC. I couldn’t finish my food because I was starting to gag…

Afterwards, I unpacked all my belongings. My face wash exploded in my suitcase -__-

Eventually I had to go get my picture taken for our IDs and I met more people, but it was so awkward. I am not good with meeting new people I guess. I seriously felt like a freshman all over again.

Afterwards, I met all of my suitemates and we decided to go to dinner for the welcoming BBQ. Dinner was good (as in taste). Awkwardness—still there. I met one of the doctors at UNMC and he was telling us a lot about residency. It was interesting.

Afterwards, my suitemates and I decided to walk to Walmart because we are not allowed to drive. My suitemates needed an Ethernet cable. HEHE good thing I brought one already. Thank you Ate Jamie! There is no wireless internet at the dorms. Yeah, I was really shocked at first too.

I was so tired afterwards, I kinda passed out without realizing and now here I am updating.

I feel so awkward. It’s driving me crazy. I guess I am not good with starting conversations. It kinda dies at some point. I am the only Korean here. I am the only Chicagoan here. Whew. I hope I can meet more people and more friends soon. The strict scheduling is going to throw me off too. I have to wake up at 5:30AM latest every day. =/

Random: The water is slimy here.

Pictures of my room to come soon.


One thought on “Day 1 in Omaha, NE

  1. hey jane!

    hope you’re well in omaha. sounds like a pretty cool place by the name of it at least.. :D

    i’ll be praying for you.

    seek God first! [matthew 6-7]

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